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A Midweek Message: How Well Did You Live?

A Wondering Wednesday To You…

I hope this note finds you well – safe in your home, grateful for all that sustains your and offers encouragement even as your worry about the future or just struggle with the uncertainty of it all.  This morning I spent an hour and half in conversation with my clergy colleagues of the greater Moncton area.  It was so reassuring to see their faces and hear their collective wisdom as we shared together.  

One of our members made an astute comment, that we in the Church, whether we are leaders or members in the Church are family – and families are grounded in being appropriately vulnerable to each other.  Together we wondered if we are doing enough, if there is something more we could or should be doing, and we lamented over how inadequate some of us feel: trying to learn new technology, the limitation in being able to create community and so on… I and all the other leaders of faith communities the world over covet your support, your care and your prayers.  

All that sharing, and then watching the tributes on CNN to some who had died, got me to humming a song that my friend Paul Rumbolt played for me back in July of 2015: ‘How Well Did You Live?’  It’s a song in the form of a question – a question that all of us may be wrestling with in different ways these days.  I know I am.

Click below to see and hear Paul.

How Well Did You Live?



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