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Climate Action Week

Join Sackville United Church as we take part in KAIROS Climate Action Week September 11-17

The second KAIROS Climate Action Week of 2023 kicks off Monday, September 11 and concludes Sunday, September 17, galvanizing awareness and action on the climate crisis. This week’s theme, Decolonizing Climate Action: Keep the Oil in the Soil and Let Justice and Peace Flow focuses on the root cause of climate change: fossil fuels. On Tuesday, September 12 (7:00 pm EDT), KAIROS will host Climate Action Dialogues: Building Momentum for a Fossil Fuel Non-Proliferation Treaty. Join us to hear from treaty endorsers on why the world needs a fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty now! Register now! On Thursday, September 14 (noon EDT), KAIROS will host a leadership seminar with the Reverend Canon Rachel Mash from Green Anglicans (Anglican Church of Southern Africa) to discuss the faith-based movement for the fossil fuel non-proliferation treaty and equip you to seek endorsement of the treaty initiative in your church or municipality. Register now!

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