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From Seed, to Bud, to Bloom

What happened to those plants that were put to bed for the winter? Well – they are back!

Alasdair & pink geranium

Last fall the children carried the geraniums from the sanctuary upstairs. With Florence Hicks’ guidance, they removed dry leaves and dead blooms.

Over the winter the plants rested in the coolness and soft light of Florence’s basement. She checked them often, watered them once a month. In March the plants were moved upstairs to sunnier windows. Some grew so big they needed to be transferred to larger pots.

It is spring. The plants have new buds and some are already in blossom. You can see the red and pink blooms in the upstairs windows. Watch for them in other places after June 1st.

The seasons go round and round – from seed, to bud, to bloom and on.

Above is Alasdair with a pink geranium that grew so much it needed a bigger pot.

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