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Houston, we have a bubble!

Yes, I was just informed that as of July 3rd there will be an Atlantic Region Travel Bubble.  “The agreement means travellers within the Atlantic provinces will not be required to self-isolate after crossing the borders.”

Like many of you I am so very excited to be able to plan visits to family and friends that we have been separated from for the past number of months.  In all likelihood I will be at the cottage from the 3rd until the 12th for a week of reading, rest and reflection (Study Leave)!  My vacation plans encompass the month of August and I am so looking forward to an extended break.  I am tired.   So tired that I had to take Monday and Tuesday of this week off.  Thank you to the members of the M&P Committee and others who have offered support, care and encouragement.

Today I spent the day in Zoom meeting and between those, worked on the service for Sunday – which I’ll be doing more of tomorrow.  Friday will see me at the hospitals in the morning and off in the afternoon and on Saturday.

On Sunday we will gather at 10AM to celebrate World Pride Day and the conclusion of our formal sponsorship of Rose Kabenyondo.  The service will include reflections from members of the Welcoming Team and Rose and the breaking of bread and sharing of a cup around Jesus table of welcome!  I hope to see you there!  At 1PM join us online for a Summer Sunday Kitchen Party with Carter Girls!

Faithfully, Lloyd

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