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Hump Day: Wednesday August 1st 2018

Hump Day.  It was my mother’s name for Wednesday.  Get to Wednesday and you’d make it over ‘the hump’ and be on your way to the weekend.  Whew.  What a journey to the top of this hump its been: a trip to Toronto for the Affirm Conference and back followed by meetings and visits, followed by a drive to Oshawa for the 43rd General Council of the United Church of Canada and all the changes that unfolded there… And, more meetings and pastoral visits and today, from the vantage point of this hump I can see two weeks at

the shore – vacation!

I am still processing the experience of GC43 and have resolved to say nothing more until I am back from vacation and have a chance to process the experience further.  To anyone who asks my response will be: “Ask me after I’m back.”  I hope you understand.

Today I am doing some fall planning here at home and in the office in the afternoon.  Tomorrow morning (Thursday) I’ll be in the office for most of the day and to the Drew and hospital.  On Friday I am off to Port Greville in my role as Chair of the Presbytery Pastoral Relations Committee to offer some support the that pastoral charge.

On Saturday I hope to come over and enjoy a bit of SappyFest and on Sunday I’ll be at the Church at 8AM getting ready for Prayers and Pancakes!  Hopefully you’ll come and join us for a feed of pancakes as we open our doors to the SappyFest participants!

Vacation!  From August 5th to 19th you can find me at the shore…


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