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Musings, April 2nd 2019: Spring is Unfolding

From 14 degrees above zero to 5 degrees below zero! Welcome to spring and wildly variant temperatures and weather systems! In testimony to the unfolding of spring, this morning I updated the banner on the Sackville Pastoral Charge website to an image that I took a number of years ago of some crocuses coming into bloom in the snow.

Getting the perspective that I wanted required lying down in the wet earth while keeping the camera dry, shivering as the sodden earth seeped its moisture through my clothes. Even with all that effort the image was less than perfect – a bit of a fluke that it was even in focus – I think… but the experience taught me a couple of lessons that I need to learn again and again: perspective is everything and, sometimes it is worthwhile to pause and take the time to get ‘up close and personal’.

As we continue our Lenten Journey perhaps these lessons might have something to offer you in the days ahead?

Faithfully, Lloyd

PS: Please consider taking part in the Seniors Wellness Day that Sackville United Church is hosting in partnership with the Canadian Mental Health Association and other community groups. A poster can be found below. Registration is required in order to plan for food. To register contact Denise Miller at (506) 852-3270 or

Looking Ahead Yesterday began with our Lenten Group: Interfaith, Being Love in the World. I hope other are enjoying this peaceful Monday morning beginning as much as I am! From that I moved into a couple of meetings followed by the Lunch and Learn: Legacy Gifts event with Roger Janes. Over a dozen people came out and by all accounts it was an enjoyable and informative event. The afternoon was occupied by a couple of pastoral visits followed by a community group meeting in Amherst… a full day!

Today I am working from home, starting on the liturgy for Sunday and the special services of Holy Thursday and Good Friday. I have posted these two events on the Pastoral Charge Facebook Page and I encourage you to share them with your friends.

On Wednesday the plan is to spend some time in the Office in the morning, join the Open Sky folk for coffee and then visit a couple folk in the Sackville Hospital. Hopefully the weather will allow me to walk there? I have a couple pastoral visits scheduled for after lunch and then I’ll be present with the Queer Room participants.

Thursday will be spent working on the reflection for Sunday and in the evening there is a Grounding Meeting for the Sackville United Church Executive.

Friday and Saturday will be days off (with some time outside I hope, and a run to the Farmers Market for dog bones) and on Sunday I look forward to meeting with all of you and continue the theme of lavish loving as we explore the story of Jesus being anointed by Mary. Have a look at the story (John 12:1-8) and see if you can guess what the sermon title might be!

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