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Musings, December 17th 2018: Singing with Santa!

It was a fun filled evening at Ducky’s and The Painted Pony last evening. There were about 75 people out for Carols and Cocktails – including Santa! Frank and I just had to get our picture taken with the Jolly One! Despite our persistence he would not tell us if we were on the naughty or nice list!

A big thank you to Jennie who (as always) did a great job leading us in singing! There were many groans of disappointment when we ended after an hour! Too bad Christmas only comes once a year!

Following the singing a group of 16 made their way to the Painted Pony where were shared a meal and continued in conversation! The food was good and the company was even better!

As I write this, I am aware that in these final days before Christmas there are many for whom the days are long and the nights are even longer – the hours are touched with sorrow, illness, life challenges or loneliness.

On Friday December 21st you are invited to take part in a Winter Solstice Gathering. We will begin at 6PM with a pot-luck crock pot supper and end with a brief liturgy marking the longest night and a transition to the lengthening of the days. It is hoped that this time of sharing contributes to an expansion of light and love among us.

Merry Christmas!


Looking Ahead

Today I am in the office – though I will soon be heading home as the weather is deteriorating quickly.

On Tuesday I expect to be at the Drew and the Sackville Memorial Hospital spreading some Christmas Cheer.

On Wednesday I am off to Moncton for a meeting and visit at the hospital followed by some Christmas shopping and a Christmas gathering with the youth who frequent the Queer Room.

Thursday will see me putting the final touches on the reflections for the Christmas Eve services and making sure all the little details are looked after – including the props for the 4PM service with the children.

On Friday I’ll during part of my day off I’ll be whipping up something to take to the Pot-Luck Crock Pot Supper and Winter Solstice Service which begins at 6PM and on Saturday, like many others I’ll be doing some last minute shopping and wrapping!

Sunday at 3PM is the Christmas Cantata at Sackville United Church for the Pastoral Charge and the larger community!

And on Monday we’ll arrive at that evening to which the stars have beckoned us these past few weeks – where in a simple place, we’ll find simply love, born among us in a Child. Come and join us in the celebrations!

4PM (Sackville United Church) A Christmas Story for Little Ones

7PM (Sackville United Church) A Family Christmas Eve Celebration

9PM (Upper Sackville United Church) Candlelight Christmas Eve with Communion

11PM (Sackville United Church) A Christmas Vigil

There are no services at either point on Christmas Day. It is our hope and prayer that this day is one of community and celebration for you with those you love.

We will next gather on Sunday December 30th, 9AM at Upper Sackville and 11AM at Sackville United Churches.

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