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Musings, Monday February 11th 2019: Thanksgiving in a Dentist Chair

My day began in a what some call a modern day medieval torture chamber – a dentist chair… and while I had no cavities I was instructed again in the art of flossing – aka – self torture by running a fine thread between your teeth down into your gums until they bleed!!!

As Gary MacDonald prepared to speak on his visit to Kenya and the work of the Asian Rural Institute another of my friends was there celebrating their work and the work of the M&S Fund

As I endured the ministrations of the hygienist I found myself reflecting on the gift of community – the warmth that is present when we gather, the care that is extended one to another and the many ways we work together to make a difference in the world – and so, as I endured the torture (scaling)… I gave thanks.

Thanks for the energy that was present in both the Upper Sackville and Sackville congregations as Gary MacDonald shared of his trip to Kenya and the work of the Asian Rural Institute funded by the Mission and Service Fund.

Thanks for the leadership of the Sunday School teachers who welcome the youngest members of our communities and go to such great lengths to include and affirm these little one as part of the community.

Thanks for the musical leadership of Jennie and the Choir and the way in which music carries us in ways that words cannot.

Thanks for those who gathered after Church yesterday for quick but important meetings: the Green Team working on the energy audit and retrofit of Sackville United Church and the Refugee Response Team who met to consider refugee profiles and begin the first steps in sponsoring an LGBTQ2+ refugee.

Thanks for the wisdom and generosity of so many who are part of our communities – but especially Wallie Sears whose birthday so many gathered to celebrate on Sunday and Marilyn Lerch who in the presence of a full-house launched her book, That We Have Lived At All: poems of love, witness & gratitude.

Thanks for those who gathered on Thursday past for the Executive meeting and those who gathered to take the first steps in the RJ 333 project with the Chaplain at Dorchester Minimum Sector…

And before I knew it… the torture (scaling) was done and I was on my way! Thankfully!

‘til Sunday (if not before),


Looking Ahead

After the dentist chair I was in my office chair most of today. Tomorrow I’ll get to the hospital and the Drew in addition to a couple of meetings.

Wednesday looks like it’ll be a storm day so I’m not counting on getting to Moncton to meet with my Ministry Personnel colleagues in the area… this’ll be the second meeting in a row that’s been cancelled due to weather! If the weather is fit the Queer Room will be open and I look forward to spending some time there after a meeting with the Campus Community Social Justice Liaison Steering Committee.

Thursday is reserved for finishing the liturgy for Sunday and writing a reflection – unless I can convince Gary to preach again!!

Friday and Saturday will be days off and on Sunday after our 9AM gathering at Upper Sackville and our 11AM gathering at Sackville United Church the two congregations will come together at 12:15PM for the Annual Meeting of the Sackville Pastoral Charge. I hope you’ll come and join us!

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