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Musings, Monday January 28th 2019: What Sparks Joy?

A Happy Monday to You!

Regrettably I did not get to be with the folk of Sackville United Church yesterday, but, I did have a wonderful morning with the folk of Upper Sackville United Church!

Doug and Gayle Key welcomed folk to gather in their home for the Sunday Gathering followed by the Annual Congregational Meeting. The welcome began with Doug serving as ‘Montreal Taxi Driver’ from the Church to the house so that folk did not need to navigate their long, twisty and icy driveway! The welcome continued as we found seats in the great room in view of the table laden with sandwiches and sweets! It was a joy to be gathered in such a circle of love and care, filled with music and laughter and bright sunshine at opportune moments!

Following the sung blessing Jennie departed and we moved into the formal business meeting – as formal as Upper Sackville can be anyways! In quick order the business was done and I introduced the discussion topic for our food and fellowship time: What sparks joy? And, how do we display/share this joy?

Using the Marie Kondo method, I invited folk to imagine putting all that is ours ‘on the bed’ as Marie Kondo asks her clients to do with their clothes. And then, I invited folk to hold each image or thought and ask themselves, ‘Does this spark joy for me?’ I then spoke of the Kondo method of folding and shared a picture of one of my drawers and invited them to think further about how we might display/share this joy that our life together as Upper Sackville United Church sparks within us.

Food and refreshments were shared, pictures were taken so as to capture the memories and we ended the morning with a final circle conversation naming our joy about our life together and how we might better share/display this joy with others – one recurring theme was more such gatherings as this one!

‘til Sunday, Lloyd

Looking Ahead

Today found me at the office, in Moncton and then back in the office before heading to the Civic Centre to give the gift of life…

Tomorrow I am taking as a day off to travel with a friend to a medical appointment. On Wednesday I look forward to be with the folk from Open Sky and others for coffee in the morning followed by a webinar in the afternoon.

Thursday will see me doing a couple of pastoral visits and visits at the Drew and the hospital as well as finishing up things for Sunday morning: 9am at Upper Sackville and 11am at Sackville United Church. The Sackville United Church congregation will hold their AGM following the service.

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