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Musings, November 12 2018: We Will Remember… We Must!

“We will remember…”


On Sunday, like many of you I braved the wind and stood in silence at the cenotaph to honour and remember those who have served to uphold the principles of justice and peace.

As the hopeful notes of the trumpet faded and were carried away with the cry of the bagpipes on the wind, I marvelled at how the older veterans kept time with active service personnel, reservists and cadets, marching off the parade ground.

And then, I found myself imagining this scene 30 or 50 years from now… remembering those now young, filled with hope and optimism called to serve in some distant place in pursuit of the same principles of justice and peace – and another generation standing in silence, then repeating “We will remember then.”

Perhaps it was this spark of imagination that led me to be sitting in the warmth of the Legion after the service with three reservists with the 8th Canadian Hussars of Moncton – three young women with hopes and dreams, trying each in their own way to make their mark on the world…

Each of them wearing camouflage green, interrupted only by a blood red poppy in the centre of their chest… symbol of sacrifice and hope. Yes, hope that there are still those who will answer the call of Queen and Country stand for the principles of justice and peace… and as they left the table I prayed.

I prayed that I would never see their names inscribed in cold granite. I prayed that I would not have to listen their names read, casualties of some distant conflict. I prayed that none of their mothers would ever have to lay a wreath – but that they and we, all of us the world over, might share in the things that make for peace… this day and every day.



Looking Ahead

Today has been spent in the office doing some reading, writing and planning. Tessa and Rasta have been quiet companions and only move when something on the desk is touched or moved that sounds like a treat bag!

Tomorrow I have three pastoral visits scheduled for the morning. In the evening I have two meetings scheduled – including a meeting of the Sackville United Church Executive at 6:30PM Wednesday morning I will be at Trinity St. Stephen United Church in Amherst for a meeting with clergy colleagues followed by the last meeting of Chignecto Presbytery. I’ll be back in Sackville at 3:30PM to provide supervision for the Queer Room. The Ridiculous Journey (Jesus The Sage) will continue at 6PM with a crock-pot supper and the discussion will get underway at about 6:45PM or so.

On Thursday I am off to Tatamagouche, NS where I will take part in a gathering of ‘progressives’ who meet annually to support each other as we wrestle with various theological constructs and ask questions of our faith and ourselves.

I’ll return late on Friday afternoon and will likely spend Friday evening and Saturday trying to come up with something to offer on Sunday morning in response to the suggested lectionary text of Mark 13:1-8… if you have any suggestions I am most open!!!

On Sunday we will gather at Upper Sackville United Church at 9AM and at Sackville United Church at 11AM and I hope to see you at one of those gatherings – if not before!

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