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Musings, November6th 2018: November Remembering…

Two weeks ago I went online looking for a book and ended up buying four. Of course the

one I went looking for was the last to arrive – but – the first to arrive (just before I left for Toronto last week) has provided me with much food for thought as I live in the midst of transition within the United Church of Canada and the move from Presbytery and Conference to the new Regional Council structure. Dare to Lead by Bene Brown. I’m only half way through it but here are two quotes that have stirred within me:

Gratitude… It’s allowing yourself to recognize the shiver of vulnerability-that ‘oh shit, I have something worth losing now’ feeling-and to just sit with it… At the end of the day; at the end of the week; at the end of my life I want to say that I contributed more than I criticized.

November is a good month to ‘just sit with it…’ to look at Thanksgiving just past and ahead to the journey of Advent and Christmas and realize how much we have to loose… and to give thanks for those who have contributed more than you and I can ever begin to appreciate in serving their country – young men and women who lost their lives in cities and villages, coastlines and hillsides for the principles of justice and freedom.

Each November, especially in the week before Remembrance Day, like many others, I am left speechless by the banners on the telephone poles that bear the image of those from our communities who have served – and somehow this dreary, rainy, almost winter – but not yet – weather seems so very appropriate… somber, foreboding, chilling in the realization of what may come if we fail to remember.



Looking Ahead

Monday was a day filled with meetings and pastoral calls as I began the journey of celebrating the life of Gordon Faulkner with his children Jim, Mary Jo and Lee and their families.

Today I am in the office this morning and my reading and writing time will be interspersed with two pastoral visits and a meeting.

On Wednesday I’ll be in the office in the morning and I hope you’ll drop by for Coffee with Open Sky at 10am. We make the coffee and the folks from Open Sky bring the treats – and are they ever good! I’ll be back in the afternoon offering supervision for the Queer Room and then at 6PM we’ll gather for our Crock Pot Supper (seafood chowder) followed by the Ridiculous Journey study group. Hope you’ll join us!

I’ve set aside Thursday morning to do some last minute preparation for the Memorial Service that will take place at 1PM and I suspect that by 3PM I’ll be done for the day…

On Friday I am off to Dundas PEI to do a training event with a Lay Supervision Team there and if all goes to plan I’ll spend the night with my Mom and Dad before returning on Saturday. Mom says that with her new hip – maybe we can go dancing!!

On Sunday November 11th there will be no services at either of the Churches of the Sackville Pastoral Charge. Instead we are encouraging everyone to take part in the Remembrance Day Service at Convocation Hall which begins at 10AM and then moves to the Cenotaph for 11AM.

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