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Musings, Oct 22nd 2018: Naming Our Values & Claiming Our Mission

On Sunday Oct. 28th the Upper Sackville congregation will gather at 9AM and share in

service of special music with Harold and friends!

The Sackville congregation will gather at 10AM and take part in a visioning exercise: Naming Our Values and Claiming Our Mission. We hope that as many folk as possible will come and take part in this important exercise.

This exercise is an opportunity for us together to name those values that are important to us as a congregation and shape the direction of our ministry and mission as a congregation into the future.

Interspersed with song and prayer there will be conversation in small and large groups – and yes, while we will be using technology to capture information – what is most important is that the community takes part in the conversation!

If you have a tablet or smart phone bring it along. With more devices we will be able to keep the group size for discussion small.

Again, please note, there is no requirement to use a device. If you are uncomfortable using such devices, leave the inputting to others and come and take part in the conversation! Your voice is needed. Its not the technology that is important – its you – for it is through you that the Spirit speaks.

I will pour out my spirit on all flesh; your sons and your daughters shall prophesy, your old men shall dream dreams, and your young men shall see visions.   Joel 2:28

Let us together listen to the Spirit among us and share in discernment and visioning. Lloyd

Looking Ahead

Today has been filled with meetings and pastoral visits – reminding me again why I so enjoy this work!  Tomorrow will be more of the same and on Wednesday morning again, more of the same!

On Wednesday afternoon I will be present for the youth who gather in the Queer Room followed by our Crock Pot Supper and Ridiculous Journey Series.  This Wednesday we explore Jesus the Reconcilier.

Thursday will see more pastoral visits and meetings and Friday will include two afternoon meetings.  It is a full week – but I am so looking forward to our time together at Sackville United on Sunday as we engage in this process created by the Executive of the congregation… until then!

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