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Musings of the Minister, April 24th 2018

The Life of a Dog

I hope this morning finds your life flooded with sunlight and beauty!  I write this after a

very full day yesterday, while enjoying a second cup of coffee as the sun rises over the field behind our home and the room is filled with the light of a new day!  There is much to be thankful for!

On Sunday I watched as Rasta sat on the steps of the Upper Sackville United Church and greeted each one who made their way up the pathway – I imagine him thinking, ‘Another person come to see me…’ as his tail wags in anticipation.  The life of a dog: optimistic, hopeful, without pretence or expectation – perhaps we all have something to learn…

And at the second gathering at Sackville United Church I was moved almost to tears as Judith finished her statement following notice of the anticipated vote to declare ourselves and Affirming ministry – and the congregation broke out in applause… symbolically throwing the door open in welcoming love!  And the tears continued to threaten as I spoke with Corey Hunter on Monday morning, continuing preparation for our Wonder Café conversation on Sunday April 29th, realizing that while we have come so far the journey does not end until we have made room for all at the table…

Plan now to take in the Wonder Café conversation on Sunday April 29th at 11AM as we welcome Corey Hunter, Elise Fougere and Joselyn O’Connor.  Each will speak of their experience of ‘coming out’ and some of the challenges they have faced as transgender, non-binary, gender non-conforming individuals. This is an opportunity to practice hospitality, learn and extend love to one another.

And please remember, there will be a pot-luck luncheon following the service and we will have visitors – so if you are able, please bring a little extra. Lloyd

Highlights for the Week

Yesterday was filled with a meeting and two pastoral visits in the morning and in the afternoon I was in Moncton to the Hospital.

Today I am meeting with an individual about a possible spring wedding followed by a meeting at the Maritime Conference Centre until 2pm followed by a conference call with a General Council Task Group.  And evening the Sackville United Church Executive will meet – hopefully I’ll find some gym time over the supper hour.

On Wednesday I’ll be in the office much of the day – taking a break to go out to Open Sky for the pot-luck lunch to mark the start of the summer pause for our Coffee Time.  That afternoon I am taking part in a Webinar that provides an overview of the 2018-2019 Stewardship Campaign.

Thursday will have me doing at least two pastoral visits and getting ready for Sunday!

Friday and Saturday (all things going according to plan) will involves some down time and yard work… before a very busy Sunday: 9AM at Upper Sackville, 11AM Sackville with Pot-Luck Lunch, 3PM Worship at the Drew and 7PM the Covenanting Service for Brock Shaver and the Parrsborough Shore Pastoral Charge!

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