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Musings, ON A New Day and A New Year...

This morning, on this first workday of a New Year, after eating my cereal and one of the last Clementine’s in the bowl on the kitchen table, as I took in the dusting of snow on the field behind our home, I recalled a poem that I came across in 2019 by James Crews. It seems so fitting to share.

Winter Morning, by James Crews

When I can no longer say thank you

for this new day and the waking into it,

for the cold scrape of the kitchen chair

and the ticking of the space heater glowing

orange as it warms the floor near my feet,

I know it’s because I’ve been fooled again

by the selfish, unruly man who lives in me

and believes he deserves only safety

and comfort. But if I pause as I do now,

and watch the streetlights outside flashing

off one by one like old men blinking their

cloudy eyes, if I listen to my tired neighbors

slamming car doors hard against the morning

and see the steaming coffee in their mugs

kissing chapped lips as they sip and

exhale each of their worries white into

the icy air around their faces—then I can

remember this one life is a gift each of us

was handed and told to open: Untie the bow

and tear off the paper, look inside

and be grateful for whatever you find

even if it is only the scent of a tangerine

that lingers on the fingers long after

you’ve finished peeling it.

This is my intention for 2023: to “remember this one life is a gift each of us was handed…” and to make choices that reflect the fact that each day is a treasure to be embraced fully.

On New Year’s eve, Jenn and I were honoured to be with Eleanor and Len Lamrock and their large extended family as Len and Eleanor marked their 62nd wedding anniversary. In speaking with Eleanor to prior to the gathering it became clear to me that part of the success of their long relationship is their ability to trust in the gift that each day brings and, to be grateful. Congratulations and continued blessings to both of you!

And, Happy New Year to each of you, those who are part of this community of faith called Sackville United Church! May each new day of this new year bring you new bows to untie and new experiences for which to be grateful.


PS: After I finish writing and posting this and sending one or two other necessary emails I will be taking the rest of the day off in lieu of working on New Years Day. I will be in the office bright and early on Tuesday morning!

Looking Ahead

Tuesday will be an office day spent cleaning up emails and files and doing some year end and new year organization. I do have three meetings scheduled and am looking forward to reconnecting with folk including the Lectionary Study Group at 10:30AM.

Wednesday morning after Seniors Sharing the Table coffee time with Open Sky participants I am off to Moncton for a meeting and visits at the hospitals there.

Thursday will be spent preparing the liturgy and reflection for Sunday, likely from home as has become my practice, as I can get some chores done when I take my stretch breaks. Today is Epiphany, the last day of the 12 days of Christmas and marks the shift into the Season of Epiphany - the next six Sundays begging with the Baptism of Jesus this coming Sunday. Epiphany ends with the Feast of the Transfiguration and before we know it we are into Lent!

On Friday morning I have two meetings and then I am hoping to have the balance of the day and Saturday as days off - that will however depend on how the writing goes on Thursday.

As above, Sunday January 8th is marked as Baptism of Jesus Sunday. The lectionary readings for this Sunday include: Isaiah 42:1-9, Psalm 29, Acts 10:34-43 and/or Matthew 3:13-17. What are you memories around baptism?

Please note: Jennie is out of the office this week on Compassionate Leave to be with her family and Bruce Moore will be voluntarily covering the office from 12-3 Tuesday and Thursday.

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