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Nominations for New Executive of Council


In the coming week, please e-mail or drop off your nominations to Dawn Estabrooks at the Sackville United Pastoral Charge office.   A slate of names will be prepared on which we will vote at the AGM of the congregation on March 10 at 7pm.

 Nominations sheets for the new Executive of Council are again available today on the side table with Terms of Reference for each position. Please look over the Terms of Reference for each position and reflect prayerfully on whose gifts might match the description well.  Remember that each person on the Executive of Council commits not only to the scheduled meetings of the Executive of the Congregation, (times for a particular kind of decision making and leadership) but also to the monthly meeting for grounding in the narrative of faith and the life of the congregation.   Although the members of the Executive will meet monthly for formation and grounding, the Executive will meet for business regularly but not monthly.

All these positions are for the Executive of Council.  We are looking particularly for names for Elders (of which there are three) and for Chair.  Though you may also add names for Communicator (Secretary) and Treasurer those in these two positions at present have agreed to let their names stand. PLEASE PLACE THE NAME OF THE PERSON YOU ARE NOMINATING UNDER THE POSITION FOR WHICH YOU ARE NOMINATING HIM OR HER.


Treasurer Eric Tusz-King

Communicator Brenda Allen

Elder (x3) Ed Burridge Marilyn Burrell _

Terms of Reference

For Executive of Congregation & Coordinators

The Chair

Call meetings Prepare the agenda Lead the meeting:  Be aware of and attend to (with the Executive) requirements for congregational life as per the Manual Act as spokesperson for the congregation

The Treasurer Oversees the tracking of finances Reports regularly on finances Work supported by a financial circle of service

Communicator  (Secretary) Records minutes Distributes approved minutes Keeps records (minutes) current Correspondence Supported by and liaison with Communcations Circle of Service*

Elders As per the Manual:  “People elected by the congregation or pastoral charge for their wisdom, caring, spiritual discernment and other gifts of the Spirit.  They must be members of the congregation . . . unless the presbytery makes an exception.”

In this model elders would intentionally hold the connection with mission/vision and gifts together, in and for the decision-making process and members of the congregation. They would attend meetings of the shared ministry circle as well as the scheduled meetings of the Executive.  Listening is an important part of this role.

With other members of the Executive of the Congregation commit to attending a monthly gathering for their own grounding and growth in the narrative of scripture and of the congregation.

*Communication (A/V; newsletters; internal and external information and announcements; etc.)

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