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October 2 – Announcements

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Mondays       Centering Prayer Group                                            9:30am Thursdays     Parents & Tots (at St. Andrews Presbyterian)   9:30-11am Oct 2               Communion (SUC/USUC) Oct 3               UCW at Sackville United                                           2pm Oct 4, 11         Stewardship Gathering at SUC (open to all)      7-8:15pm Oct 6, Nov 8   SUC Executive Grounding Circle                          1:30-3pm Oct 9                Thanksgiving Service (FOOD BANK SUNDAY)  9am/11am Oct 18, Nov 15           SUC Executive Business Meeting       2-3:30pm/1:30-3pm


ANNOUNCEMENTS for October 2, 2016 20th Sunday after Pentecost World Communion Sunday

We once again welcome the awesome Rev. Jennifer Brown, and look forward to sharing worship throughout the fall with her!

SPECIAL ITEMS FOR WORLD COMMUNION:  Thank you to everyone who brought in an item in today to help us in our celebration of World Communion Sunday.  As Rev. Jennifer writes: There are places in this vast world that have touched our spirits. whether it is through moments of joy or of sorrow or it could be because of the great splendour or the stark desolation of creation that greeted us.  That place could be on the other side of the world or own backyard.”   Thank you for sharing something that touches that special place where your spirit found/finds inspiration.

SPECIAL FOOD OFFERINGS ON THANKSGIVING SUNDAY:  On Sunday, October 9, we are invited to bring in both our contributions of non-perishable food items, and also fresh produce as well (carrots, potatoes, squash, etc.).  We will use what is offered to create a “harvest table” display for our Thanksgiving service, and then donate all of what is received to the Food Bank.

GLUTEN-FREE COMMUNION:  So that everyone may be welcome at our table regardless of dietary restrictions, all bread used in our celebration of the sacrament of communion is gluten-free.

Update from the SPC Search Committee:  The search committee has let the SPC executive know that they are now in the process of conducting interviews.  We thank them for their commitment and hard work, and for keeping our congregations informed.

OBSERVER MAGAZINE:  It’s that time of year again, folks!  If you would like to renew your subscription to the UCC Observer Magazine, or if you are interesting in beginning a new subscription, please speak to Jennie or email the church office ASAP as orders will be sent out this coming Wednesday.  The cost for the year’s subscription is $25.

UCC E-NEWSLETTERS:  Want to be in the loop about what’s going on in the wider UCC church community?  Consider signing up for one or more of the United Church’s “E-Newsletters” – topics include notes from our Moderator, Justice in Action, and “E-ssentials.”  Find out more or subscribe at

CENTERING PRAYER:  Centering prayer group meets every Monday; all are welcome to join for one half hour of prayer together.

Fall 2016 Worship and Pastoral Care:  The Pastoral Charge Executive would like to announce that we have pulpit supply in place for the fall – though the Christmas season if necessary – provided by Rev. Jennifer Brown, from Peticodiac. Rev. Nigel Weaver is our supervisory minister appointed by presbytery.  For any pastoral care needs for the rest of the year, please feel free to contact Rev Jean Ward – 902-694-4372 or

SACKVILLE PASTORAL CHARGE WEBSITE: Check out our website at – this is the face that we show to most of the world!   Click the “follow” button on the home page to receive new information by email each time there’s a new post.

Scripture: Lamentations 1:1-6

Lamentations 3: 19-26

2 timothy 1:1-14 Luke 17:5-10 (Upper Sackville only)

Hymns at SUC:

All Who Hunger, VU 460

Bread of Life, MV 194

We Are Pilgrims, VU 595 One Bread, One Body, VU 467

Let Us Talents and Tongues Employ, VU 468

Offertory Response: What Can I Do? MV 191

Hymns at Upper Sackville:

All Who Hunger, VU 460

Spirit of Life, VU 381 We Gather Here, VU 469

We Are Pilgrims, VU 595

Offertory Response: What Can I Do? MV 191

Are you interested in how we can experience every aspect of our ministry lives as “ stewardship”?

Please join us for three evenings this fall for conversation with Laura Hunter,  Maritime Conference Minister for Justice and Stewardship, on this very topic.  There is a sign-up sheet on the Discernment Board.

Tuesdays, 7-8:15 pm on September 27th, October 4th, and October 11th

Informed by the book, “Holy Currencies”, this mind-shifting concept developed by Eric H. F. Law, examines 6 “currencies”, or blessings that are exchanged to build healthy and sustainable ministries in churches.  How are the “blessings”  flowing in our community of faith?  How might they help us to live into new opportunities?

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