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Pentecost Sunday… Gift of the Spirit

I’m sitting here on a Tuesday morning …  after a busier than normal Monday… with much to do – but getting distracted from my planning for Sunday’s celebration of Pentecost by reminders of the the very many ways many ways the Spirit has been active among us over this past year.

I wish that I could share with you the slide show that is running through my mind.  You would see the Upper Sackville United Church filled on the eve of our convenanting service and hear the music of Harold and friends as they raised the rafters on their multiple visits.  You would see the rich blue Advent fabric surrounding the memories of deep meaningful Wonder Cafe Conversations… and Pancakes: for Sappy Fest and Shrove Tuesday…

There would be the Lenten Banner and Easter Banners and meals and visits, and in all of the images are glimpses of caring community.

You would hear the laugher from the ‘Quiet Room’ as the various groups and committees did their work and shared of their learning… and you would smell the coffee and hint of wood smoke that welcomes us when we arrive.

The Spirit is at work among us.

Please accept this as your personal invitation to come and celebrate ‘The Gift of the Spirit’ on Pentecost Sunday.  9AM at Upper Sackville, 11AM at Sackville.  The 11AM gathering will be multi-sensory and accessible to all ages!



Yesterday is but a distant memory – it passed in a blur of meetings, pastoral visits and telephone calls.  Today I am in the Office until 3PM when I’ll be up at the Drew offering leadership at the Annual Memorial Service for residents who have died over the past year.   I’ll be in the office again on Wednesday morning for two meetings and then working from home in the afternoon: taking part in a stewardship webinar.  On Thursday (will it ever get here?) I have meetings booked in the morning with folk from the Student Union followed a meeting in Moncton and by some writing for Sunday.  Friday and Saturday will be down days… and on Sunday, after our two gatherings at 9AM and 11AM I’ll officiate at the funeral for the late Judy Jonah.  Judy was a member of Wesley Memorial United Church and a member of the Joint Search Committee that extended a call to me way back when.  She later returned to Amherst and transferred her membership back to Trinity St. Stephen United Church.  The Spirit worked in her and through her.  She was a gift to the Church and it will be appropriate to celebrate her life on Pentecost Sunday.

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