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Seven Weeks of Thanksgiving: Week 2

When giving thanks for ALL who have and continue to contribute to our church building and grounds, we must shine a light on the our SUC logo designed by Karen Sears, the Hosta bed at the entrance installed by Wayne and Janice MacKay, then cared by so many including Phyllis Stopps and more, the care of the Old Lower Sackville Methodist Cemetery under the so caring guidance of Phyllis Stopps. Thanks go to Elsie MacDonald, Florence Hicks, Phyllis Stopps, Margaret Anderson and David Fullerton.

And then there are the indoor flowers, the Hosta/Day Lily bed and the Hydrangeas which have been cared for by Florence Hicks, Elsie MacDonald, Dawn Estabrooks, Kathy Carr, Austin Ibbitson and more…

I would be remiss if I did not mention the work done to improve the efficiency of our building with the installation of new windows and roof top heat pump units, largely under the supervision of Catherine Gaw.

Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
Frank Oulton, Stewardship Convenor 

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