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The Big Questions, January 20th 2020

Good Monday Moring to You…

I’m beginning to forget what some of you look like – it has been so long since we’ve been together on Sunday morning! And, because I know you miss me I have a special treat in store for Sunday – the two sermons that we missed on January 12th and 19th will be preached back to back this coming Sunday!

Now, I bet you are praying for another Snow Sunday!

No. I won’t do that to you! Instead I’ll pick the best one (in my mind anyways) and offer that this Sunday and take the time I would have used to prep another service and try and do some extra pastoral visits. Hopefully you’ll join me in thinking that this is a better use of my time.

I did spend some time on Sunday (while enjoying the Lazy-Boy) to think about Lent and how we might engage the season. The result of my deliberation, likely in part as a result of my reading Stephen Hawking, Brief Answers to the Big Questions is this: I will craft five sermons on what you identify as the ‘Big Questions of Faith’ for you. Here are some possibilities – gleaned from some pastoral conversations over the past month:

I don’t believe the Bible anymore. Why should I come to church? Where or what is God? What is the purpose of the Church? Why bother? Why do so many people suffer? What can I do about it?

I can’t promise I’ll come up with answers – but I do promise that I’ll engage the questions and seek to provide some helpful reflection on the questions you raise. But I need your Big Questions. You can email your question to me at All questions will be handled with confidence and no one will be identified with their question. Or, you can drop your question off at the Church or place it in the offering plate. If you drop your question off or put it in the offering plate, please sign your name as I may need to speak with you to better understand the question. Again, all questions will be handled with confidence and no one will be identified with their question. I would be very helpful to have your Big Questions by February 16th so that I can collate the questions and plan out the series.



Looking Ahead

Today I am in the office until after lunch and then out doing visits until about 4PM. On Tuesday I’ll be working in the afternoon doing visits and then attending a meeting of the Sackville Refugee Response Committee. Anyone interested in seeing me Tuesday afternoon or hosting me for supper before I head to the meeting! Send me an email or call!

Wednesday will see me in the office most of the day. The Lectionary Study Group will take place at 11AM and the Executive meets at 6:30PM.

Thursday will be a reading and research day and Friday and Saturday will be days off – hoping that the flurries forecast for Sunday remain just that – flurries and that we’ll be able to get together on Sunday!

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