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The Return of the Wonder Café: April 28th

On Sunday April 28th, the last Sunday of April we will resume our practice of hosting a monthly Wonder Café.

Wonder Cafés are an opportunity to learn of situations, events, challenges and opportunities faced by those in the larger community and ‘wonder together’ how we might engage, respond or otherwise be helpful.

The gathering will begin with some singing, a prayer to ground and centre those gathered, followed, by dialogue and conversation that we hope leads to discovery and the deepening of community. The gathering ends with the sharing of learnings and insights and a time of prayer. If you have an idea for a future café speak to a member of the Executive or Lloyd.

On April 28th we will welcome Sharon Ballantyne for a conversation. Sharon is one of six United Church Canada growth animators engaged across the country by the General Council. Prior to working in this role Sharon was in congregational ministry. We will be exploring with Sharon the ministry of welcoming and affirming newcomers - a ministry that the whole congregation shares in.

Following the conversation with there will be a congregational meeting in respect to the Collaborative Ministry Pilot Project proposal followed by a pot-luck luncheon of sandwiches, cookies and other items. Plan now to participate!

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