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Wednesday Wonderings… June 3rd 2020

It has been a full twenty four hours and my heart has been stretched and pulled, burdened and overwhelmed by difficult conversations, eight long minutes of silence, signs of solidarity and a resounding reminder of the continued need to work together for the good of Creation and all creatures. 

Even as we stand in solidarity with those of African descent who experience racism, and commit to examine our white privilege and power, there remains the issue of colonialism and racism toward Indigenous Peoples.  At the heart is the fact that “There is no ‘status quo’ or middle ground: you are either anti-racist or you are racist.  You are either actively working against racism, or you are complicit in upholding it.” Cameron Trimble

Please follow this link for some ways that you can explore Living into Right Relations with Indigenous Peoples.  And below, for your viewing pleasure and reflection are some images of the gathering on Main Street today – as organized by Marilyn Lerch.  Thanks for your leadership Marilyn.


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