Lent 2022

This year we are using resources from A Sanctified Art that have been adapted for our context.  The Devotional Booklet and Devotional Card are protected resources and may be accessed via the links below using a password available from the Church office .  If you would like to access these resources email the Church office and we'll provide you with the password.


Daily Devotional Booklet

Daily Devotional Booklet.png

As you journey through this devotional at your own pace, you will find scriptures, poems, art, reflections, and hymns that are filled with promises of God’s abundant and expansive grace. Some of the stories you will encounter include: Jesus as a mother hen, a prodigal son welcomed home, a fig tree nurtured with care and hope, precious oil poured out lovingly and freely, and stones shouting out with praise. These sacred texts are brimming with a gospel of grace. We’ve done nothing to deserve or earn this grace, and yet, like water, it spills over. Follow this link to the Resources page and use the password provided to obtain your copy. A limited number of printed copies will be available from the office. 

Devotional Cards &

A Lenten Calendar

Follow this link and use the password provided to access the Devotional Cards: Each of these cards provide an important reminder for us as we journey through Lent.  You may wish to print a set off and have them near your bedside.

Follow this link to a Lenten Calendar that has been created by the Prayer Bench.

Sample Devotional Card.png
Ash Wednesday.jpg

Join us as we return to in-person gatherings on March 2nd where we will be reminded of our frailty and connection to the Divine.

Ash Wednesday Event

We believe in an expansive love

that healed the sick,

welcomed the children,

and saw this world as it could be.

We believe that that expansive love

runs over the edges of our lives,

smoothing our rough places,

and pulling us home.

We call that expansive love

Yaweh and Mother God,

Jesus and Divine Creator.

Thanks be to God for a

Love like that. Amen.

Weekly Sunday Gatherings

We will gather each Sunday of the Lenten season to be reminded of God's expansive love for creation.

We will begin our journey on Sunday March 6th with a celebration of the Lord's Supper, so please, if you are participating via Facebook Live, have some bread and juice or wine nearby so you can participate fully.

On March 27th we will have a special Lenten themed Conversation Cafe via Zoom.  Watch for more information to come!


Special Holy Week Gatherings


On Holy Thursday (April 14) we will gather for a community meal at 5PM which will be followed by a service including foot washing ritual and communion. All are welcome.

On Good Friday (April 15) our gathering will begin at 11AM in front of the Church.

We will offer two Easter Sunday celebrations: one at 9AM near the Swan Pond after which we will gather for coffee and muffins at the Church.

At 11AM we will gather again to celebrate resurrection and renewal with music and praise!