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OUR Vision & Values

Guided by the presence of God’s spirit in Christ, we are a church family, sharing God’s unconditional love through learning, worship, and action.

Our Values

We the community of Sackville United Church, are called to proclaim and live the Way of

Jesus in our midst.


We are committed to being a safe, community where everyone is welcome.  We are committed to sharing with all persons, especially with those oppressed, excluded and marginalized by societal expectations.

We will join with all people who seek justice, compassion, love and peace for the earth and all people.


Sackville United Church follows a ‘council’ format of governance as outlined in The Manual.  


The Executive Council (The Executive), is the primary body of decision making.  The Executive is made up of Elders who are elected by the congregation and normally serve a three year term. The Executive establishes policy and procedures that serve to animate the ministry of the congregation.  Minutes of the Executive and Congregational meetings as well as various reports can be found here. The password is available from the Church office. Please email or call using the contact information below.

The Executive Council meets twice per month each month (except July and August).  The first meeting of the month is a 'Grounding Meeting' where in various ways the group seeks to root itself in the community and the faith they share. Leadership of these sessions is shared and all grow in wisdom and depth of relationship with one another.


Business meeting are scheduled to follow Grounding meetings, two weeks later, so that the Executive comes to the work of the Church from a deeply spiritual place.


The Mission of the United Church of Canada

43rd General Council, October 2021


Sackville United Church is part of the Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council.  The regional council provides oversight of pastoral activities for the area.


As a congregation of the United Church of Canada the congregation adheres to the polity and policies as set out by the General Council of the United Church of Canada.

Sackville United Church Executive

Linda MacDonald (Chairperson)

Rebecca Houtsma (Secretary)

Ed Knuckles (Treasurer)

Christy Watts (Elder)

Rev. Lloyd Bruce (Ex-Officio)


Committees & Task Groups


Sunday School Coordinators

Gary MacDonald

Rebecca Houtsma

Ministry & Personnel

Heather McClure

Luc Poirier

Mora MacDonald


Property & Maintenance

Bernie Conroy


Stewardship Convenor

Frank Oulton


Bruce Moore (Chair)

Shelly Beaver (Secretary)

Catherine Gaw


Worship & Sanctuary

Dawn Estabrooks, 

Linda MacDonald

Paula Sears 

Rev. Lloyd Bruce (Ex-Officio)

Jennie Del Motte (Ex-Officio)

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