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1st Sunday of Lent, February 21st 2021

On Sunday we will gather to embark again on a journey through the season of Lent. As in other years we will nourish ourselves at the table in community and share in communion. As you prepare to join in the service on Facebook Live please have ready a candle to light as we begin our service and some bread to break and juice to pour and share.

Weekly During Lent

  1. Sunday @ 10AM Sunday Gathering (Facebook Live) *

  2. Sunday @ 4PM Wondering in the Wandering (Zoom) A time of wondering and sharing for children and adults of all ages.

  3. Tuesday @ 10:30AM Preacher’s Help Group (Zoom)

  4. Tuesday @ 7PM Small Group Study: Journey in Lent (Zoom) A 30 minute pause to ponder our spiritual pathway.

  5. Wednesday @ 5PM Virtual Community Supper (Zoom)

  6. Thursday @ 7PM Beer & (no) Hymns (Zoom)

Sackville United Church, acting on the advice of the Reopening Committee of the Sackville Pastoral Charge will resume in-person gatherings only when Region 1 returns to the Yellow or Green.  During Orange, Upper Sackville will be hold in-person Sunday Gatherings once per month: February 21st, March 28th and April 4th (Easter Sunday).

As we conclude our time together,
 may we speak of God’s goodness;  our hands hold those in need;  and our feet walk with those   who journey toward justice.
And may we all be reminded again 
  and again and again that we are loved – 
    and called only to love as we’ve have been loved.
And may this be our rhythm—  again and again and again. 
In the name of the Lover, the Beloved, 
  and Love itself.  Amen.
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