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2020-21 Annual Reports for SUC, SPC, Upper Sackville

Please find below electronic copies of our 2020 Annual Reports and Financial Statements for Sackville United, Upper Sackville United, and Sackville Pastoral Charge along with the proposed 2021 budgets for SUC and SPC.

March 23 update: All annual reports are now available, with the exception of the 2021 Proposed Budget for Sackville Pastoral Charge.

Sackville United Annual Report and Financial Statements

SUC 2020-21 Annual Report FINAL DraftDownload

Draft Investment Policy (for circulation only for this year’s AGM)Download

SUC AGM Agenda 28 March 2021Download

Upper Sackville United Annual Report and Financial Statements

Upper Sackville Annual Report 2020-2021Download

Sackville Pastoral Charge Annual Report and Financial Statements

SPC Annual Report 2020-21 Download

Appendix I SPC 2021 Budget

Anyone with questions or corrections to be made concerning any of these reports is invited to contact the church office. Our goal is to be transparent and comprehensible in our words and our numbers.

As the hymn says ” worship and work must be one”. As we do this work of the church, may hope, peace, joy, and love guide our voices and our actions.

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