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2nd Sunday of Lent, February 28th 2021

Upper Sackville United Church draped in Lenten colours.

This Sunday, we will pause at our second milestone of the Lenten Journey and have an opportunity to listen to the words of Jesus “For those who want to save their life will lose it, and those who lose their life for my sake, and for the sake of the gospel, will save it. For what will it profit them to gain the whole world and forfeit their life?”

With the assistance of the Preacher’s Help Group I hope to be able to offering some meaningful reflection on the question of what it is to live life fully as a person of faith.

If you’d like to review the all of the readings for this coming Sunday, you can do so by going here. This is the resource used regularly by the Preacher’s Help Group.

I do hope that you will take part in one or more of the opportunities for spiritual reflection and community engagement listed below. It is so important for us to be together in whatever ways we can in these challenging times.

In closing, thanks to all of the individuals responsible for gracing our gathering spaces with colours and symbols that add so much to the experience of the season of Lent. Beautiful job! Well done!



Weekly During Lent

  1. Tuesday @ 10:30AM  Preacher’s Help Group (Zoom)

  2. Tuesday @ 7PM  Small Group Study: Journey in Lent (Zoom) A 30 minute pause to ponder our spiritual pathway.

  3. Wednesday @ 5PM  Virtual Community Supper (Zoom)

  4. Thursday @ 7PM  Beer & (no) Hymns (Zoom)

  5. Sunday @ 10AM  Sunday Gathering (Facebook Live) *

  6. Sunday @ 10:45AM Conversation & Community (Zoom)

  7. Sunday @ 4PM Wondering in the Wandering (Zoom)  A time of wondering and sharing for children and adults of all ages.

* The Sackville United Church Executive, at its meeting on February 24th revisited its earlier decision to resume in-person gatherings “only when Region 1 returns to the Yellow or Green.”  After much discussion the Executive decided, given the revised directives for the Orange Level of Recovery from Health New Brunswick, to resume in-person Sunday Gatherings beginning March 7th. As a result, beginning March 7th the livestream will begin at the same time as the in-person gathering at Sackville United Church, at 11AM. Upper Sackville will be hold in-person Sunday Gatherings once per month: February 21st, March 28th and April 4th (Easter Sunday) at 9AM.

As we conclude our time together,
 may we speak of God’s goodness;  our hands hold those in need;  and our feet walk with those   who journey toward justice.
And may we all be reminded again 
  and again and again that we are loved – 
    and called only to love as we’ve have been loved.
And may this be our rhythm—  again and again and again. 
In the name of the Lover, the Beloved, 
  and Love itself.  Amen.
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