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A Call to the Sackville United Church Congregation from the Executive

March 28, 2021

In presenting the budget at the Annual Congregational Meeting, the Treasurer, Chrystal has again drawn your attention to some sobering financial information. The Executive has fully grasped the budget’s reality and its implications for our immediate and long-term future. Over the past year, especially, our discussions at Business meetings have intensified as we search for creative solutions. There is no question that important choices lie ahead of us, and difficult decisions must be made. Similar discussions are also underway at Sackville Pastoral Charge Council meetings.

Because our Executive is small in number it is extremely important at this juncture to invite others to work with us. We want to consult with and benefit from your individual and collective wisdom and expertise.

To this end we have created a Two-step Consultation Structure which will help us enormously as we seek to discern the best way forward. The first step is to have two meetings with a small group of volunteers. The second step will be to extend our outreach to a full congregational meeting facilitated by the Executive and members of the small volunteer group. At this meeting information will be given, feedback sought, and options and choices will be discussed, first in small breakout groups, and then at the meeting of the whole.

Today we are taking the first step and inviting…. you! If you are interested and willing to help — and if you have the time to meet with the Executive twice over the next few weeks — please let us know! All of us will brainstorm together. Our conversations will open doors to a myriad of possibilities. We need to hear your ideas, dreams and creative visioning! Our discussions will also be open to ideas about the future of our church building, the future of our ministry, and possible future partnerships with others.

Our first meeting with a small group of volunteers will take place in the Sanctuary, and/or via Zoom, on April 14th at 6:30. 

If you would like to help, please contact any member of the Executive on or before April 1st : Elsie MacDonald, Diane Fullerton, Julien Desrochers, Chrystal Schipper-Everill, Lois Hicks, or me, Janet Hammock, 506-536-4245,

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