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A Celebration of Ministry...

The Celebration of Ministry service for Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council will be held at the conclusion of the annual meeting on Sunday, June 2, 2024 at 10:00AM.

Christopher Walker, Linda Fuller, Christina Hague and Simpson Rushton will be ordained as ministers in The United Church of Canada; Alicia Walls will be commissioned as a Diaconal Minister; and Susan LeMaistre will be installed as President of Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council. All are welcome to join via links to the live stream, in order to witness these milestone events!

It was 33 years ago, May 26th that I was ordained into the ministry of Word, Sacrament and Pastoral Care on the stage of Convocation Hall here in Sackville by Maritime Conference of the United Church of Canada. I give thanks daily for the opportunities and relationships that this life altering vocation has offered me. My heart has been softened, my mind expanded, my arms stretched... and my hair thinned. Life and love have been blessings!.

I took Monday and Tuesday off this week in lieu of extra hours offered over the past few weeks. I did get into the Church on Tuesday and managed to fix the issue with the camera used for our live-streams. Next time you see me I should be in better focus!

Yesterday (Wednesday) I worked from home in the morning, catching up on emails and phone calls and in the afternoon I made two pastoral visits.

Today, Thursday May 30th, I am in the office in the morning, and this afternoon I will be doing visits at the Moncton Hospital, Sackville Hospital, and the Drew Nursing Home.

On Friday I will be attending another graduation celebration for a member of our family and on Friday evening I will head to PEI to participate in the above-mentioned Annual Meeting of Fundy St. Lawrence Dawning Waters Regional Council. Thanks to Todd Nelson, Chaplain at Dorchester (Medium Sector) for offering leadership on Sunday. I expect to be back in the office on Tuesday morning.

Plan now to attend "Chill and Grill" on Sunday June 16th. Our Sunday Gathering will take place at Truemans which will be followed by a BBQ. Please contact the Church Office and let us know you are coming! We'll need to know the number of people, protien choices and whether you want tickets for any of the attractions.

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