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A Community Conversation about our Needs for Ministry

Friends of Sackville United Church,

As with any church congregation there comes a time when we are required to face and affirm new goals and identities as a congregation and pastoral charge. Such decisions are seldom easy nor to be made without discernment. Your participation in this process is important. In this, we are all entitled and privileged to have our voices heard.

Our present circumstances at Sackville United require us to determine as to whether we can continue to support financially the full time services of paid ministry or reduce that service to 85%.

To ensure that as many as possible have an opportunity to engage in this present decision making we have attached a link to a document entitled Sackville Pastoral Charge Living Faith Story.   During the service next Sunday morning (October 3rd.) there will be an opportunity for you to respond either in person in small focus groups if you are in attendance at the service or to respond online in the chat column during the live broadcast on Facebook to the following questions:

  1. The mission statement of Sackville United is “Guided by the Presence of Gods’ Spirit in Christ, we will be a church family sharing God’s unconditional love through learning, worship, and action.” How well does Sackville United serve its mission statement? If you were to describe Sackville United and its work in the wider community, what would you say? Should we address the unceded territory and the aboriginal peoples of our area in our Mission Statement?

  2. Do you believe that the people of Sackville United could better meet their financial obligations?

  3. Would reducing the weekly paid hours of our minister to 85% make any difference to Sackville United and/or to the community of Sackville? Is providing pastoral service to others in need in the wider community an integral part of Sackville United’s mission? (See chart of hourly breakdown in “Ministry Options” section of the “Community of Faith” profile.

Should you be unable to participate on Sunday morning, or should you have other comments or observations you may offer your responses via a Survey Monkey form by clicking here. Or, of course, you may email either of us directly. Our email addresses are at the bottom of this note.

Upon considering all of the comments received, a final draft will be forwarded to the Executive. The Executive, upon receipt of the Final Draft will develop a recommendation and bring forth a Final Report and Recommendation(s) to the congregation for action – hopefully before December 2021.

Thank you in advance for your contributions to this important decision making process.

Gary MacDonald (email)
Eva Dickson (email) 
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