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Affirm Newsletter, Feb-Mar 2019

As an Affirming Ministry of the United Church of Canada we regularly receive newsletters from Affirm. Here is a link to the most recent edition link! I think you’ll agree, there’s lots of exciting news and ideas!

Anyone want to organize a local PIE event? March 14, 2019 has been set as PIE day: Public. Intentional. Explicit. Those are the standards we hold ourselves and our welcome to when we become Affirming or affirming.

On International Pi Day 2019 (3.14- get it?) we invite you to serve up some pie and PIE in your ministry and Dunsford United Church rainbow banner reading “All Are Welcome in this Church”.community.

Get together and: Show AUSE’s new video-to-be featuring your stories about being PIE. Tell your own PIE stories: examples of your LGBTQ+ welcome that are and have been public, intentional, and explicit. Host a community open mic/ coffeehouse for all stories. Eat lots of delish church pie (and everything else you consider delicious). Together, spend, say, a half hour talking about how LGBTQIA+ and Two Spirit rights and dignity could be advanced in your context and community.

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