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An Epiphany… January 6th 2020

It’s January 6th and the Christmas credit card bill is in and an Epiphany laugh is just what I needed on this first morning back in the office after a wonderful Christmas and New Year break!

As I offer gratitude for the time off and the many kind gestures and gifts shared with Jen and I and our family, I offer you these cartoons to brighten your day!

As you begin your week and look toward what may be some significant snowfall on Wednesday please hold Marion Holder and her family in prayer as they grieve the death of Marion’s sister Elizabeth MacKay whose funeral will be held on Wednesday.

Happy Epiphany! Lloyd

Looking Ahead

I am in the office this morning and will be up to the Sackville Memorial Hospital after lunch followed by a pastoral visits and writing a marriage liturgy and reflection.

On Tuesday I will be working from home and making a journey to Moncton to deal with a traffic ticket.  Your prayers for a successful outcome are welcome!

Weather permitting, on Wednesday I will be in the office in the morning and will take part in the Open Sky Coffee Time followed by the Lectionary Study Group and then be out doing visits after lunch. At 6:30PM the Executive of Sackville United Church will hold its first meeting of 2020.

Thursday will see me working from home, finishing up the liturgy for Sunday and crafting a reflection based on one or both of the following texts: Isaiah 42:1-9, Matthew 3:13-17. This Sunday is designated as Baptism of the Lord and offers an opportunity to reflect water, grace, membership and community.

Friday will be a day off and on Saturday I look forward to celebrating with Paula and Bernie as they, in the presence of a small gathering of family and friends, join their lives in marriage!

Sunday will see us gather at 9AM at Upper Sackville United Church and 11AM at Sackville United Church.

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