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Announcements for October 31st 2021

We hope this email finds you well. If you are in need - physically, spiritually, or otherwise - don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone (506-940-1151) or email ( We are here for you and for each other!

All Saints' Day Service: Join us Monday Nov 1 at 7pm either in-person or via FB live for a brief service of remembrance and celebration. If you would like to remember one who has been light and love to you or the larger community you may either plan to be present in person and light a candle with us, or send the name of the person you’d like to remember to and Lloyd will add their name to the others he named as part of the communion of saints, or you can light a candle on your own and say their names with love and gratitude. Following the gathering at the Church some of us may make our way to Ducky’s to lift a glass in memory and gratitude.

Sunday Worship:Our Sunday services are at 11am both in-person and online via ourSPC Facebook Page. We are thankful to Chris Meaney for his continued expertise in updating our sound system!

Our current vaccination policy for Sunday Gatherings and other events is as follows:

Greeters are required to request proof of vaccination from all those eligible to be vaccinated who wish to attend in-person events and activities. Upon request please provide both your vaccination record and government issued identification, or a government approved medical exemption certificate.

Children under 12 are not eligible to be vaccinated but are likely present with adults from households where those eligible to be vaccinated have provided proof of vaccination. All who are present at the event or activity, including Sunday Gatherings, are required to wear masks and are encouraged to participate fully.

Upon providing proof of vaccination the Greeter may ask you if Sackville United Church may maintain a record of your status for future visits. You may also provide your proof of vaccination status by visiting the office during office hours. The Office Administrator will record that proof has been provided and make a record for your future visits.

Office Hours:The office will be open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-4:30pm. In keeping with Covid Best Practices for Safety, if Jennie experiences any symptoms she will work from home, posting a notice on the door (when possible) and on the church FB page.

NOTE: The office will be closed from 2:15-3:20 this Tuesday (Oct 26) and Thursday (Oct 28) as Jennie fills in for a MTA colleague who was called away at last minute.

Broadview Subscriptions for 2022: The church office is currently processing our group-rate subscription for Broadview Magazine (formerly the United Church Observer). If you are interested in renewing your subscription - or in subscribing for the first time! - please contact the church office to be added to our list. The discounted cost under our group rate is $25 for the year, and is payable to Sackville United. Engage with Love and Justice: November 3-7, 2021: The Church in Mission Unit of the United Church of Canada invites you to celebrate and learn with us about the many love and justice ministries of our church. November 3-7, 2021, we will be hosting ENGAGE! an online love and justice gathering. Join us to worship, build community and learn together. Through this five-day event we will: Day 1 Nov. 3 : Engage deep spirituality - Keynote Speaker, Rev. Michael Blair, General Secretary, The United Church of Canada. Worship led by Linnea Good and Catherine Stuart. highlights of some of the fantastic workshops - Hope Matters, The Sacred Art of Seeing, Yoga Chapel, The Spiritual Practice of Play. Day 2: Engage daring justice - Panel discussion on Outside the Lines. Conversation of daring justices in personal lives, communities and beyond. Some workshop highlights are, Your Daring Justice Journey, COP26: Climate Action Now, Black Experiences i Canadian Churches from the Lens of Gen-Z. Day 3: Engage courageous community - Keynote Speaker, Rev. Carolina Costas. Workshops: Freedom Kitchen & Closet, Running a Community Round Table to name a few. Day 4: Engage bold discipleship - Keynote Speaker, Rev. Dr. Deenabandhu Manchala. Workshops: Turning Ourselves Inside Out. Day 5: Engage hope - Keynote Speaker, Claudio Carvalhaes Tickets are free! We cannot wait to celebrate and recognize all that we do together as The United Church of Canada. Click Here: REGISTER NOW! 30 Days of Anti-racism: Each day from Tuesday, October 12 to Friday, November 26 (with the exception of Sundays) there will be a new reflection on anti-racism, as well as activities suitable for adults and children. These activities can be done alone, as a family, or in groups. Writers from across the United Church have offered these daily contributions about different kinds of racism in church and in the broader society. Some draw on their personal experiences to share their insights about racial injustices. All invite the reader to explore ways to transform themselves and the denomination.The days do not need to be done in a linear way! They are flexible—you might choose to stay with the content from one day for several days, or you might choose to do the days in a completely different order. At the end of the 40 Days, you are invited to continue the learning and engagement in your own ways. During the 40 days, there will be different online events where you can gather and engage with the content from that day. Sign up for the UCC newsletter to keep up-to-date with the latest developments! Wednesday Evening "Community Suppers": Linda MacDonald continues to host community suppers this fall! Simply sit down at your table with supper and join in the fellowship of a shared meal together via Zoom! Please use Meeting ID: 846 7127 2894 and password usuc&suc or by using the following link.

Prayer Bench Resources: We continue to have resources from The Prayer Bench available to all of the pastoral charge and church community through this year. Please contact the church office if you're interested in being added to future programs or to receive copies of previous ones. Sunday Seekers Advent Preparation: "Because of the importance of Christmas, how we understand the stories of Jesus’ birth matters. What we think they’re about – how we hear them, read them, interpret them – matters." – Marcus Borg/John Dominic Crossan Birth of Jesus for Progressive Christians is a five-session study guide that invites readers to explore the birth of Jesus with a new perspective. This will open up wonderful times of conversation within small groups, but also provides inspiration and guidance to how the birth story of Jesus is still relevant and important in the life of the church and its people today.” This Advent we will spend five weeks looking at the birth of Jesus. We will meet on line at 9:30-10:30 on Sunday mornings. Start date dependent upon receipt of the books, but not later than November 28, The First Sunday of Advent. Cost of the book is $12.00 Hardcopy and it is available on Kindle or as an e-book. Give yourself a gift of insight this Advent. If you are interested please contact Catherine Gaw at

Preacher's Lectionary "Help Group": Join Lloyd online on Tuesday mornings at 10:30am to reflect on the scripture lessons for the week and share a deepened understanding of the Word. Please use the Meeting ID: 487 114 0142 and the password usuc@suc or connect by using the following link.

Mission & Service Fall Impact Report: Via the UCC website. "690,000,000 people will go to bed hungry tonight...your gifts help." Read the full report here.

What's Coming Up: Regular Sunday worship in-person and online at 11am Sundays. Masks and proof of double vaccination status (or medical exemption) for all persons 12 and older continue to be required for in-person services, and we encourage distancing as well. Watch a recording of our recent services: Sept 19 Service Sept 26 Service Oct 3 Service Oct 10 Service Oct 17 Service Oct 24 Service New from Broadview: Margaret Atwood's stance shows her lack of respect for trans people How Covid-19 vaccine hesitancy can be overcome Demand for safe consumption sites is growing, and United churches are speaking up in support From the United Church of Canada: Bringing these children the honour we denied them in life - Moderator's statement on Residential School burials Resources to Bring the Children Home Resources for anti-racist worship Unsettling Goods: The United Church of Canada encourages United Church members and others to become involved in the search for a just peace between Palestinians and Israelis by contributing to the end of the occupation of the Palestinian Territories. Create a Guaranteed Livable Income Program United Church Special Appeals: Emergency Fund for Earthquake in Haiti Covid 19 Global Response Emergency Response Fund

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