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August 13 announcements

We hope that you are well. If you are in need - physically, spiritually, or otherwise - don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone (506-940-1151) or email ( We are here for you and for each other!

Sunday Worship: Our Regular Sunday Worship is held at 10am both in-person at Sackville United and online via our SUC Facebook Page. Mask-wearing and distancing are encouraged but not mandatory. For those not on FB but wishing to watch online, a link to the video of the service will be posted on the church website in the days immediately following the service. 11am services will resume on Sunday, September 10.

This week we welcome Rev. Lloyd back to the pulpit, with special music by Mary Shaw, Ed Knuckles, and Jennie.

Pancakes and Prayers Success: Many thanks to all who volunteered and/or attended our annual Sappyfest pancakes and prayers breakfast. From 9-11am, we served breakfast to well over 100 people - from Gary's waffle station to Rev. Lloyd and Rasta supervising the crockpot, to the team of SUC and Sappy volunteers who washed dishes as supplies ran low, to the volunteers who came at 8am and stayed until almost noon to set up and take down tables and move chairs, we say a big THANK YOU! We look forward to continuing this annual event in coming years!

Church Office Hours: The office will be open to the public for the summer on Thursday afternoons from 12-3pm. In case of any changes to regular office hours due to illness or other circumstances, a notice will be posted on the church FB page and, when possible, on the front doors as well.

Care and support for one another in Community: The pastoral contact team of Sackville United invites all ages to gather for a time of silent prayer in the sanctuary two evenings a month during the summer. A member of the congregation will host each gathering. This offers an intentional way to hold in prayer all those persons in our lives for whom we have care and concern. And an understanding that we all carry some heaviness in our lives. You are welcome to come to SUC on two evenings each month during July and August. We will gather at 7:00 pm for 15-20 minutes on the 2nd and 4th Thursdays: July 13 and 27; and on August 10 & 24. The Pastoral Contact Team: Brenda Allen, Janet Hammock, Marilyn Lerch, Elsie MacDonald, Linda MacDonald, Anne Pirie

“Community is first of all a quality of the heart. It grows from the spiritual knowledge that we are alive not for ourselves but for one another” * *Henri Nouwen

Scripture/Announcement Readers Needed for Summer Services: READERS NEEDED FOR AUGUST, including this Sunday (August 13th) as well as August 20, 27, and September 3! Would you be interested in reading on Sunday Morning? You may sign up on the list on the Circles of Service Board or by calling the Church office. On Thursday afternoon the Church Office will communicate with you and provide you with the specific text(s) you will be asked to read, including the possibility of a selection of modern wisdom in the form of a quote from a current text. A sign-up sheet for scripture/announcement readers for August onward is now up on the Circle of Service Board just inside the sanctuary.

Treasurer Wanted!: After many years of faithful service as our church and pastoral charge treasurer, Chrystal Schipper-Everill will soon be retiring from her position. She has generously offered to stay on beyond the end of her term to train a new treasurer. Much of the day-to-day finances, accounting, and document preparation are prepared in the church office. Some of the main duties of the treasurer include:

- preparing the annual budget

- providing oversight and financial reports

- serving on the executive

Please speak to Chrystal or contact the church office for more information.

On Pause for the Summer: Thank you to everyone who came out for the final Senior's Lunch Group event before summer break. Thank you as well to everyone who continues to participate in Coffee and Conversation with Open Sky, which had its final meeting before summer pause earlier this month. The Sackville United Church Choir and Quaker's Group Silent Worship are also on pause for the summer. These groups groups will resume in the fall - details TBA.

Prayer Bench Group Subscription: We have purchased a group subscription to Rev. Janice MacLean's "Prayer Bench" for the year, including a number of individual email "retreats" and series. If you are interested in receiving these resources please contact the church office.

Parents and Tots: Continuing through the summer! Parents and Tots meets Thursday Mornings from 9:30am to 11:00am at St Andrew’s Presbyterian Church. There is no charge, and volunteers are present to assist with childcare. Bring your young ones for a time of community, play and fellowship (and a chance to chat with other grownups!).

Games Night at SUC: On the second Tuesday and third Thursday of the month from 6-8pm, a small group are gathering at SUC to play RPG (role play) and other games. If you are interested in joining this group, please speak with Christy Watts.

Two 20-sided dice, one dark grey, the other lime green, with white numbers.
Games Night at SUC!

Cell Phones Needed for Ensemble Moncton: Are you upgrading to a newer model and have a spare phone sitting in a drawer somewhere? Ensemble Moncton provides cellphones to their clients to connect them to services and the community. The clients work closely with the Wellness Navigator at Ensemble to access services in health, justice and social sectors. Funding is very hard to access for cellphone provision because of the harmful assumptions placed on individuals dealing with addictions and substance use. Drop off phones at ENSEMBLE, 80 Weldon Street, Moncton, daily between 8:30 am and 3:30 pm. Phone (506)859-9616 and ask for Ashley if more information is required. Any cell phones (and chargers!) dropped off at the church office will be brought to Moncton by Jennie or Rev. Lloyd.

Thank you to those who have donated cell phones so far. Ensemble will ensure that all data/information is wiped from phones donated before they are distributed.

What's New at Broadview: The United Church magazine has a variety of topical articles on subjects that reflect many of the interests and initiatives of our congregation. Please contact the church office to renew your subscription if you have not already and/or to sign up through our discounted group subscription rate of only $25/year. New subscriptions can be added at anytime of year!

This Montreal musician is creating digital instruments for people with disabilities Kai Cheng Thom’s new book uses heartfelt letters to build bridges in a broken world Is it ever OK to steal from a grocery store?

What's Coming Up

  • Worship at the Drew resuming in OCTOBER (1st Sunday of each month)

  • Summer Worship in at 10am - final 10am "summer service" on Sept 3

  • Choir is on SUMMER PAUSE and will resume the week of September 17!

  • Senior's Sharing Lunch and Coffee and Conversation with Open Sky on SUMMER PAUSE

  • AA meets 12-1pm Saturdays in the sanctuary

  • Sackville United Pride Week celebrations in Fall 2023

Watch recordings of previous services:

July 16 Service with Rev. Todd Nelson

July 23 Service with Rev. Catherine Smith

July 30 Service with Rev. Todd Nelson

August 6 - Pancakes and Prayers!

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