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Council Meeting – November 20, 2014

Sackville Pastoral Charge Council Meeting – November 20, 2014 – held at Sackville United Church, 110 Main Street, Sackville, NB

Members in attendance: Judith Colwell, Presbytery Rep; John Houtsma, Investments; Mary Sears,Trustees; Diane Fullerton, Outreach; Brenda Allen, Council Secretary; Ed Burridge, Council Chair; Rev.Catherine Smith, minister; John Carlisle, Ministry & Personnel Rep from Upper Sackville; Kathy Carr, Ministry & Personnel, Sackville United. Regrets were received from Gayle Key, Upper Sackville Treasurer

1. Ed Burridge welcomed everyone to the meeting. He then turned the meeting over to Rev. Catherine. Rev. Catherine led us in a devotion (see Addendum A) 2. It was moved by Eric Tusz-King, seconded by Diane Fullerton, to approve the minutes from the previous meeting of September 25, 2014 with one correction – Rev. Catherine read scripture, gave a brief reflection and closed with prayer. 3. Correspondence – nothing to report. 4. Treasurer – Eric Tusz-King reported that the separating of the accounts between the Pastoral Charge and Sackville United is continuing. Regular Envelope Givings – $54,000. We are $40,000. Into the line of credit; however, $22,200 will be coming in from the HST rebate and our deficit will end up at $17,800. The Conference & Presbytery Allocation is $5,424.00 and Upper Sackville still needs to pay $9,000. Donations to the Chair and Sound System Fund were about $3,000. Less than the cost. Fund Raising is at $425.00. The HST can only be done semi-annually. For the future, Eric would like to have a budget group which would include Eric, Upper Sackville Rep –hopefully Gayle Key, someone from Mission & Service and several members from the Sackville United Congregation. 5.a) Ministry & Personnel – Secretary Replacement for Jennie DelMotte’s Maternity leave – John Carlisle said that we should have three people on each search committee – one for the Secretarial Position and one for the Music Director position. John has drafted a job description for an advertisement. Ed will work on getting people for the search committees. Jennie will be starting her maternity leave on Jan.26, 2015. During Jennie’s absence, Janice MacLean has agreed to work on the Pastoral Charge’s Website and the Facebook pages. Eric Tusz-King moved, seconded by Kathy Carr, that the Sackville Pastoral Charge provide the equivalent of two weeks pay to the secretary, Jennie DelMotte to compensate for the two week waiting period for Employment Insurance (EI) payments to start. This would be paid after her last day of work. Motion Carried. It was moved by Eric Tusz-King, seconded by Judith Colwell, to appoint Ed Burridge to form a search committee for the Secretarial position.

b) Outreach – Diane Fullerton reported that this committee recently met with Melody Petlock andNoah Throop to learn about the Daybreak program. They are hoping to focus some of their efforts onMental Health issues and where we can perhaps fill in the gaps. This committee is looking into hosting aspeaker series to be held at Sackville United and to be open to the public. Also, Open Sky Co-operativehas expressed interest in helping to host a weekly drop-in coffee time open to all. c) Presbytery – Judith Colwell reported that the Presbytery Directory will be on the Maritime Conference Webpage.Call to action for Aboriginal women and girls who have been murdered or are missing – that we write letters to Bernard Valcourt, the MP of Aboriginal Affairs, to encourage the government to begin an inquiry on the missing and murdered Aboriginal women. A motion was passed at Presbytery that Rev. Catherine Smith’s term be extended to June 30, 2016. The February meeting of Presbytery will be a week earlier – Feb. 11th instead of Feb.18th due to Ash Wednesday. 6. Minister’s Report – See Addendum B for Rev. Catherine’s report. 7. Next Meeting – January 15, 2015 at 7 p.m. Ed declared this part of the meeting closed

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