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Dust and Ashes Touch Our Foreheads...

This evening we will gather at 6:30PM to hear the traditional readings of Ash Wednesday and be marked with the sign of the cross in ashes on our forehead. And while the ashes will be of the palm branches from two years ago, I will be thinking of the ashes of war falling on many in Ukraine.

Our theme for this year "Full to the Brim: an expansive lent" seems very much at odds with my mood these days, but as I sat with this Reflective Assessment Tool I came to understand expansive in a difference way, “fullness that comes from right relationships with God and those around me.”

I still don't know what I'll be saying in my reflection this evening - maybe it'll just be a time of expansive silence as we ponder the ashes...

Join us in the silence and reflection - in-person or via Facebook Live at 6:30PM.


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