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Embracing the Spirit – Grant Awarded to Sackville United Church, May 16th 2018

The Executive of Sackville United Church is excited to announce that Sackville United

Church has been awarded a $10,000.00 Embracing the Spirit grant to support an innovative ministry: A Social Justice Liaison.

The Social Justice Liaison will serve to support the building of cooperative working relationships in the areas of social justice between Sackville United Church and the student led social justice group on the campus of Mount Allison University.

In the award letter, Carla Leon writes:

In addition to the Embracing the Spirit funding, we are here to support you with connections and other resources… We are excited to learn about your idea and look forward to hearing how things unfold.  Thank you for the amazing work that you do!

Embracing the Spirit is a new learning network and innovation fund. The goals of Embracing the Spirit are to:

  1. spur innovation across the entire United Church of Canada network of faith communities

  2. make piloting programs easy and accessible

  3. ensure that successful initiatives continue to thrive and gain momentum

  4. create a learning network that supports innovative faith communities through connection and fostering collaboration

  5. support existing funding programs by encouraging faith communities to experiment and assisting in the early stage of idea development

  6. support both new and renewing faith communities.

The Executive (and the yet to be named Steering Committee for this exiting new ministry) will keep you informed of progress and – we expect that you will see evidence of new ways that the Spirit is at work among us!

Bruce Moore, Chair of Executive

Lloyd Bruce, Minister

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