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Feb 26 – Announcements

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Mondays       Centering Prayer Group                                            9:30am Wednesdays   Coffee and Conversation with Open Sky         10-11am Thursdays     Parents & Tots (at St. Andrews Presbyterian)  9:30-11am 1st Thursday   Project Linus at Main St Baptist                          1pm Feb 26              “Memory Café” at SUC                                          2pm Feb 28              Pancake Tuesday and Trivia Night at SUC       6pm March 1            Ash Wednesday Service at USUC                       6:30pm March 3            World Day of Prayer Service at St. Anne’s     7pm March 5            SUC Annual Meeting                                             1pm March 12          USUC Annul Meeting                                            12:30pm March 25         Earth Hour “Shut Off the Power” at SUC       7pm April 23           UCW Service                                                             9am/11am

ANNOUNCEMENTS for Feb 26, 2017- Transfiguration

PANCAKES AND TRIVIA AT SUC:  Come and join us for an evening of light-hearted fun as we share a Shrove Tuesday pancake supper and then follow it up with some pub-style trivia with an SUC twist!  Start planning your trivia team of 2-4 people now.  We don’t want to ruin the surprise of what the prize will be, but it will be AMAZING.  Dinner starts at 6pm, with trivia beginning at 7 – categories will all be SPC and United Church-related, but on a light-hearted note for all ages.

MEMORY CAFÉ: Beginning THIS Sunday, February 26, Sackville United will be welcoming a group of dedicated volunteers who will offer a “Memory Café” with music, snacks and a comfortable opportunity for socialization persons and caregivers who are coping with memory problems.  The café will run from 2-4:30pm the final Sunday of each month, and all are welcome.

SUC ANNUAL MEETING: The 2016 Annual Meeting for Sackville United Church will be held on Sunday, March 5th at 1 pm. There will be a time for lunch and fellowship following the worship service, and before the meeting begins.

UPPER SACKVILLE ANNUAL MEETING: The 2016 Annual Meeting for Upper Sackville United Church will be held on Sunday, March 12th at 12:30pm

UCW: Monday, February 20 at 12:15 p.m. at Sackville United – bring your sandwich or soup or whatever you plan to eat for lunch and join us for our meeting.

FACEBOOK, WEBSITE and TELEPHONE TREES – ARE YOU INTERESTED IN BEING PART OF THE TEAM?:  The Communications Group met recently and has posted several new circles of service on the discernment board.   Please sign up if you are interested in being a part of the following:

Facebook Enthusiast:  Help make our FB page an enthusiastic and energetic place!  (all ages welcome)

Website Makeover:  Would you like to envision an updated version of our webpage that reflects the energy and character of the pastoral charge?  No technical skill required.

Telephone Tree Callers:  We have a small number of people in our community who do not have access to online materials.  Help them stay informed and in touch!

REMITS:  An extremely significant series of votes to determine the future direction of the United Church will be held over the coming year and a half.  For a brief introduction to some of what we are being asked to consider, please see the insert in your bulletin.  The information is also online.

ANNUAL REPORTS:  It’s not too early to send in your annual reports to the church office!  A date for the annual meetings for SUC and SPC have not yet been set, but work is already underway to have everything ready in time!  All reports need to be in ASAP, as the tentative date for the distribution of the Annual Report is Friday, February 24.

Would Someone You Know Appreciate a Pastoral Care Visit?:  Pastoral care for SPC is generously being provided by Rev. Jean Ward.  For any pastoral care needs, or if you know someone who might appreciate a visit, please contact Rev. Ward directly – 902-694-4372 or

UCW COLLECTING SMALL ITEMS TO MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE:  UCW continues to save the following items:  Independent Grocery Tapes, pop tabs, plastic bread tabs, used postage stamps (1/4″ border), Campbell’s Soup Labels, the front cover of used Greeting Cards.  All items can be left in the basket which is on the book shelf as you come in the main entrance of the church.

CENTERING PRAYER:  Centering prayer group meets every Monday; all are welcome to join for one half hour of prayer together.


Exodus 24: 12-18 Matthew 17: 1-9


We Are One, VU 402 Spirit God, Be our Breath, Be our Song, MV 150 Bread of Life, MV 194 Like a Healing Stream, MV 144 Offertory Response: All Things Bright and Beautiful, VU 291 chorus, v.5, chorus

Quotations to Ponder

I put a dollar in one of those change machines. Nothing Changed. –George Carlin

God places us in the world as his fellow workers- agents of transfiguration. We work with God so that injustice is transfigured into justice, so there will be more compassion and caring, that there will be more laughter an joy, that there will be more togetherness in God’s world.       – Desmond Tutu

Listen to Jesus and follow him. That’s the message of transfiguration. – Pope Francis

If nothing ever changed, there would be no butterflies.    – unknown

A Prayer at the end of Epiphany

O children, you who feel alone, broken, disquieted and empty, Come, come and rise to the challenge I have given by signs and miracles, for I have softened the people’s hearts

Be joyful; you are a forgiven people.  You have hears my call to a new life full of hope; grateful for my forgiveness that never ends.  A life full and running over it will sustain you to the end of days.

So beloved, will you rise and follow me!

I say to you the atoned, the free

Beloved I say: rise and follow me!

O children, what say you?

This poem was composed by Bruce Moore from thoughts shared at the Sunday morning circle, entitled “We Make the Road by Walking”.  The group meets every Sunday at 9:15am in the quiet room.  Each week is independent of previous weeks, and a copy of the book is available in the church library.

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