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February 5 – Announcements

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Mondays       Centering Prayer Group                                                 9:30am Wednesdays   Coffee and Conversation with Open Sky               10-11am Thursdays     Parents & Tots (at St. Andrews Presbyterian)        9:30-11am 1st Thursday   Project Linus Blankets at Main St Baptist              1pm Feb 12             IODE Shares Service at SUC                                         11am Feb 12             Vigil in Solidarity with All People                             DETAILS TBA

ANNOUNCEMENTS for Feb 5, 2017 Epiphany V

FACEBOOK, WEBSITE and TELEPHONE TREES – ARE YOU INTERESTED IN BEING PART OF THE TEAM?:  The Communications Group met recently and has posted several new circles of service on the discernment board.   Please sign up if you are interested in being a part of the following:

  1. Facebook Enthusiast:  Would you like to take a month to post pictures, articles, etc. on our Facebook page.  Tell us what makes you excited to be a part of the church!  Share photos of a fun event!  Help make our FB page an enthusiastic and energetic place!  (all ages welcome)

  2. Website Makeover:  Would you like to envision an updated version of our webpage that reflects the energy and character of the pastoral charge?  We’re looking for 3-4 people who would be interested in working on this project over the next 4 months or so.  No technical skill required.

  3. Telephone Tree Callers:  We have a small number of people in our community who do not have access to online materials.  Are you interested in making occasional calls to some of these members of our church family to keep them updated about important events (votes, congregational meetings, large-scale events, etc.)

SOLIDARITY VIGIL AT MTA: from Rev. John Perkin: “As Canadians, we react with disbelief at the horror of a mass shooting at a Quebec mosque last [week], as people were at prayer. In Canada, in Sackville, and at Mount Allison, we stand for diversity, inclusion, and we affirm our solidarity with all people.  A vigil is being planned for Sunday February 12 in the University Chapel. This vigil will be coordinated with university and town groups, with Muslim friends, and others, for a show of support to affirm our commitment to mutual respect, peace, and to welcoming people from around the world, including those who are fleeing persecution, terror and war, regardless of faith, who seek the safety and security that our nation and our community continues to offer.   Please watch for further notices of this vigil to take place on Sunday February 12th.”

ANNUAL REPORTS:  It’s not too early to send in your annual reports to the church office!  A date for the annual meetings for SUC and SPC have not yet been set, but work is already underway to have everything ready in time!

Some Sound (and visual) Advice: If you would like to learn how to use the sound board at the back of the church or to get involved with the words on the screen for Sunday worship, please sign up on the Discernment Board. Craig is willing to help show you the ropes (and buttons).

Would Someone You Know Appreciate a Pastoral Care Visit?:  Pastoral care for SPC is generously being provided by Rev. Jean Ward.  For any pastoral care needs, or if you know someone who might appreciate a visit, please contact Rev. Ward directly – 902-694-4372 or

UCW COLLECTING SMALL ITEMS TO MAKE A BIG DIFFERENCE:  UCW continues to save the following items:  Independent Grocery Tapes, pop tabs, plastic bread tabs, used postage stamps (1/4″ border), Campbell’s Soup Labels, the front cover of used Greeting Cards.  All items can be left in the basket which is on the book shelf as you come in the main entrance of the church.

AFFIRM: Sackville United has received word that our Affirm Vision Statement has been approved by Affirm United. We can now proceed to the next step of the Affirm Process, which is to develop and Action Plan. The Executive is inviting the creation of the Circle of Service to create this plan. It is hoped that this group could have a plan ready for the AGM. If you are interested in helping with this task, please sign up on the Discernment Board.

CENTERING PRAYER:  Centering prayer group meets every Monday; all are welcome to join for one half hour of prayer together.

Check out the projects, ideas, and circles of interest on our Discernment Board (to the left of the sanctuary entrance): Sign your name for something that interests you, or start a group of your own!

Help host or attend our Wednesday morning coffee time co-hosted with Open Sky

Host Coffee & Conversation after church

Communications Group Circles (FB Enthusiasts, Website Makeover Team, Telephone Tree Callers)


Isaiah 58: 1-9 Matthew 5: 13-20


Fresh as the Morning, MV 28 In Star and Crescent, MV 159 (tune: VU 372 and words on screen) Deep in our Hearts, MV 154 Let There Be Light, VU 679 Offertory Response:  When Heaven’s Bright with Mystery, VU 93 v.4

Quotations to Ponder

How can you consider “flower power” outdated? The essence of my lyrics is the desire for peace and harmony. That’s all anyone has ever wanted. How could it become outdated? – Robert Plant (Led Zepplin) Lighthouses don’t go running all over an island looking for boats to save; they just stand there shining.- Anne Lamott, Travelling Mercies: some thoughts on faith.

Radical extremism is the essence of the Cross and the life of Jesus; a confounding, expectation-defying, hate-rattling decision to love defiantly in the face of violent intolerance. It’s the greatest thing a Christian can aspire to; not might or force or payback or revenge. It is in cultivating a heart which spends itself on behalf of the hurting, the forgotten, the silenced, the wounded in the most audacious manner, even to the point of its breaking. – John Pavlovitz

Words from our Moderator

“It is urgent that all people of faith and goodwill unite and muster our collective spiritual resources to resist the growing fear and division that are spreading among us.”

Moderator Cantwell urges the church to respond in love to any actions from political leadership that threaten those values: “Yes, we will forcefully resist any efforts to strip people of their dignity and rights—but the force we will use is love.”

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