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“Finding Our Voice” – reviving Indigenous language through music

“You know, Indigenous people are magic. We take and transform stuff that is collected through a lens not our own.”

In last week’s Pastoral Charge email (please contact the church office if you would like to be added to any of our mailing lists) we discussed the troublesome past and current variety of opinion in Indigenous communities on the Huron Carol.  This week, we turn to a local artists who, in “finding his voice”, is sharing it with the world.

Local New Brunswick artist Jeremy Dutcher is gaining national (and international) recognition for his first album Wolastoqiyik Lintuwakonawa.

Playing to a packed crowd in Brunton Auditorium at this year’s Sappyfest, Jeremy uses his training in opera to explore the traditional music of his people.

“Because of my studies in western classical music, I really wanted to answer the question of Wolastoq tonality: How does it look, and how does it move?…Finding my voice and being able to say something from that place took a long time”

You can find out more about Jeremy and listen to his work by reading this month’s UCC Observer, or by listening to this episode of Fly Me To The Moon, a radio broadcast by our very own Janet Hammock.

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