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#GC43: Day Five (Wednesday July 25, 2018)

Who knew that you could sum up for your feelings in the names of the brews in a flight from a local brewery… it can be done.  See below!

The routine Rasta and I have developed continued this morning.  A little game of ‘chuck it’ interspersed with watering the trees and … well, you know the other! This is followed by breakfast for him in the room and then a walk to building where breakfast is served to the commissioners.  Five days in… I miss my strawberries and yogurt at home.

Proposal M&O 01 requested “that one or two seats on the Denominational Council Executive be reserved for representatives of French ministries and that the names of candidates will be submitted to the nominating committee by the French Ministries Table.”  The Facilitation team recommended that no action be taken on this and then there was an amendment, ““La Table des Ministères en francais be empowered to propose names to the Nominating Committee for inclusion in the various Councils and Committees of the Church.”  Sorry, while I heard the debate, there was no need for this.  Any individual or group can propose a name or group of names to the Nominations Committee.  Such amendments are rooted in our fear and lack of trust…

5 Paddle Brewing Company but lo, what do I see right across from my destination but a Soft Moc Warehouse Store!  Now, I live with four females and shoes… well, lets say I trip over the many pairs of shoes that gather near the door (mine included)… but I also know that they’d say there is always room for one more pair.  So, Rasta and I went shoe shopping!  In the end, the ‘Jesus Sandals’ as the girls came to call mine were ‘gaudy’ according to Grace and the size selections were so limited we did not find anything…

Following supper at Mandarin I returned to the relative comfort of my room and settled in for the night, reading a bit of a novel I’d brought along, playing with Rasta and watching a movie… otherwise resting as I now that Thursday and Friday will be full – very full!

Til tomorrow,


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