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#GC43: Day Four (Tuesday July 24, 2018)

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Immediately following worship, at 9AM as I was seeking to auction off the use of one of the few comfortable chairs in the space (proceeds to the Mission and Service Fund), we entered our first Decision Session.  And… the first motion, a rework of proposal ANW 02 as crafted by the Facilitation Team, was moved by the General Secretary…

That the 43rd General Council: Amend The Manual to allow a meeting by e-mail in exceptional circumstances, with clear parameters and policies to be developed by the General Secretary.

I moved toward the microphone for the first time but before I could speak one of my fellow commissioners made the point I would have made: that it is out of order for an individual to make a motion that asks them to do something…  And I was left struck by how for me, this error symbolized the centralization of power and authority in what for 25+ years I have experienced as a conciliar Church.

With this though swirling in my heart I ate lunch, I participated in another discussion


The service concluded with folk from each of the Conferences making their way to a place where the Executive Secretary and President of that Conference greeted them and exchanged blessings and gratitude for what has been… and we walked away, still uncertain of what would be, trusting that God would be with us.



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