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#GC43: Day Two (Sunday July 22, 2018)

I was up at 5:30AM… Rasta looked at me like I was out of my mind – but – he followed


“Those are meant for 20 minute park weddings. And even then, I’m grateful to usually be the one officiating so not required to sit on them…” Renee Clark

when I clicked the leash on his collar.  Downstairs in the lobby I was greeted by the sweet smell of coffee in the lobby!  Fast trip to Tim Hortons would not be necessary.

There were a hundred or so people lined up outside waiting for the bus to arrive to take us to the Sunrise Ceremony.  I decided to go and get the car and bring it around in case some folks needed a ride.  As I was pulling up to the curb a school bus pulled in behind me.  It was then I made the decision to seek out some of the Elders and offer them a ride. Laura StandingReady and two other Elders rode with Rasta and I.  The ceremony was led by Laura’s brother – a deeply meaning time of honouring our ancestors with tobacco, water and strawberries which ended with many embraces in the rain as Mother Earth was nourished. As the Elders were settling themselves in the car for the return trip back to the residence it was then that Rasta decided to shake the rain from his body – shaking as only a wet dog can shake while in the middle of the backseat of a compact car.  We laughed and laughed some more.  To make up for the wet dog smell that we all carried with us, I treated all to coffee as we passed Tim’s on the way back.

Breakfast. Shower.  Back to the gym for the opening worship… and what a gathering it

was.  I was moved to tears as I listened to Miriam Spies, with her Service Dog beside her remind us of what is needed in the world: God’s people to be engaged in God’s mission, recognizing the gifts that all bring to the table.  Thank you.  Thank you.  Here is a

link to an interview with Miriam.

Following lunch and three Listening Sessions (I attended the one on Governance) it was back to the gym for Opening Motions and Other Business: omnibus motions and enacting the remits.  It was called a Consent Motion – but it really was an omnibus motion – some motions within it numbering eight or more pages… It took some time but the court did decided to lift some of the items out of the consent motion and, to remove some of the non-prioritized items that were to be referred to the General Council Executive (with hope that we have time to attend to them).  As to the enacting of the remits… I must confess I continue to be concerned: concerned that the data pastoral charges and presbyteries had when they considered the remits is not the same data that is informing the implementation, concerned that we would decide to implement something without first agreeing on the plan on how to implement… kind of like giving all your money to a paving contractor before seeing the plan… and I’m afraid that when the pathway turns out to be too thin or not the correct width or uneven, that we’ll get the response “its not your front room” (yes, there is a backstory here).

With supper shared (which regrettably I learned this morning, some did not experience as the multiplying of the loaves and fishes) I headed off for a walk with Rasta and some quiet time before returning to the evening events offered by the Indigenous Community.

You will note, if you are following some of the other General Council stories that I am not attending everything.  Having Rasta with me is forcing me in a new way, to consider what is most important.  Simply put, by needing to attend to his needs I think I am doing a better job of caring for myself.  So… I didn’t go to the attempt to break ‘number of people in one place holding a stuffed animal in one place’ Guinness Book of Records attempt… and, I get in the meal line early, eat and then go and walk for a bit with Rasta – time to stretch our legs, wander and wonder what the day will bring next…

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