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Getting Ready for Sunday School

Work shelves in the Godly Play Room

Work shelves in the Godly Play Room

At Sackville United Church we are getting ready to begin a new year in our Godly Play room. We will mark the official opening of Sunday School on Sept. 13.

 Meanwhile – there are options for an informal time of Sunday School registration. Join us for muffins at 10 am  on Sunday, this week, Sept 6th and also on Sunday, Sept. 13.  Families are invited to drop in between 10 and 11 am at Sackville United for muffins and conversation. Come visit the Godly Play space, connect with one another and complete registration cards. This helps us plan ahead. 

Our approach is “Godly Play” – designed for children from 4-12 years. Happy to offer more about that when you come.  Or you might want to check out some videos here. Godly Play Foundation.

A wiggle space is accessible near the worship space for young ones and creative materials are at hand. 

Blessings and peace in this busy and exciting time of beginnings.  – Anne Pirie

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