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Governance Evaluation

This Sunday, April 24th, we will meet after worship to consider and to vote on the continuation of the Governance Model through which we have encouraged and expressed our congregational life over the last fourteen months.  This meeting completes the mandate of the February 1, 2015 congregational meeting at which time the trial period for this governance was established.

This Governance Evaluation document is a compilation of interviews, definitions, terms of reference and other pieces that are helpful in evaluating a model.  This in large part the document we will offer to  Presbytery Pastoral Relations/Pastoral Oversight whether or not its continuance at Sackville United is established.  Interest in this model has begun to be expressed by other congregations and we hope this will be of help to them. Governance Evaluation

While this may not be a long meeting, it will be a very important one. I hope you can find some time to be there.

Rev. Catherine

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