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January 14 – Announcements

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Mondays       Centering Prayer Group                                   ON PAUSE Wednesdays   Coffee and Conversation with Open Sky  10am Thursdays     Parents & Tots (at St. Andrews)                    9:30-11am 1st Thursday   Project Linus Blanket Making at Main St. Baptist Tues 10am/Wed 7pm        Spiritual Literacy Group at SUC Sundays 9:15am       Book Study in the Quiet Room at SUC Jan 14            Rev. John Perkin leads us in worship          9am/11am Jan 16            Shared Ministry Gathering at SUC               6:30pm Jan 16            SUC Trustees Meeting                                      7pm Jan 17            Open Sky Coffee Hour (12 Folkins Dr)       10am Jan 21            Rev. Lloyd Visits the Sunday School           11am Jan 28            Conversation Café at SUC                              11am Feb 14           Ash Wednesday March 2       World Day of Prayer Service at SUC            2pm April 1          Easter Sunday                             7am/9am/11am

Samuel call

The Call of Samuel

ANNOUNCEMENTS for January 14, 2017- 2nd Sunday after Epiphany

OPEN SKY COFFEE HOUR SPECIAL LOCATION THIS WEEK:  This week our regular coffee hour at SUC is going on the road!  On Wed January 17, Open Sky is hosting our shared coffee hour at 12 Folkins Dr (or just drive around Middle Sackville and look for the goats!).  All are welcome, and anyone who might need a drive can speak to Diane Fullerton at 536-3749.

NEW CHURCH OFFICE HOURS FOR WINTER 2018:  Owing to Jennie’s teaching schedule at the university this term, the office hours for SPC will be slightly modified from January-April.  In consultation with M&P and the SPC/SUC Executives, the office will be open from 8am-11am on Wednesday through Friday.  Jennie is appreciative of your flexibility.  Office hours of 9am-12pm will resume in May.

SHARED MINISTRY GATHERING:  The Elders are encouraged to have a Shared Ministry gathering three times a year.  At this meeting, folks from each Circle of Service are invited to share.  We review and celebrate what has been happening within this Community of Faith and plan, enhance, and explore new ideas for this new year.

We encourage a representative from each of the following to attend:

Worship, Property, Outreach, Drama, Book Study, Choir, Affirm,     Conversation Cafe, Telephone Tree, Beer and Hymns, UCW, Prayer Circle,    Sunday School, Pastoral Care, Open Sky Coffee Fellowship, Tuesday/Wednesday Spiritual Practices, AV Group, Book and Jewellery Sale,     Parents and Tots, Memory Cafe, Earth Hour, Card Ministry, Coffee and Conversation, Sharing Godly Play at the Drew,  GO!Project

Prayers for the Community: Is there someone or something you would like held or lifted up in prayer this month?  Our prayer circle is ready to hear your concerns and joys and pray for them – please send your messages to Mora MacDonald at  All requests are kept in confidence among the group, who are always mindful of your privacy.

Conversation Café at SUC:  On the last Sunday of the month, we welcome a special guest speaker to help us explore our faith in a different way.  This month, on January 28, we welcome Ashley Rose Cumming, a 2nd-Year Inuit student who will speak with us on “People of the Land.”  All are welcome.

Observer Magazine Subscriptions for 2017-2018:  As the date of renewal for this year’s Observer magazine was unexpectedly pushed a month earlier that previous years, we automatically renewed all current subscriptions earlier this fall.  The cost of subscriptions for this current 2017-2018 subscription is $25 payable to Sackville United and can be dropped off at the office or in the offering plate clearly marked.  Please see Jennie in the church office with any questions, and we hope you continue to enjoy your Observer!  For anyone considering a subscription for next year, copies of previous magazines are available in the SUC front hallway for your perusal.

NEW NAMETAGS AT SUC:  As you enter the SUC sanctuary you will notice we have new magnetic nametags.  Please take a moment to choose a marker from the variety colours and write your name on a tag.

REV LLOYD MAKES A VISIT TO THE SUNDAY SCHOOL:  Next Sunday, January 21, Rev. Lloyd will be sharing part of our regular service time upstairs with the youngest members of our church family.  Rev. Catherine Gaw will be offering leadership in the sanctuary.

GOT A FRIDGE TO SPARE?: Sackville United is looking for someone who may have an extra full-size fridge to donate to our kitchenette. This second fridge will be used to help store food for large and catered events, and will only be used from time to time in order to save on energy costs.

GETTING IN TOUCH WITH REV.  LLOYD: Looking to get in touch with Lloyd?  He can be reached at or by calling (506) 940-1151.  Rev. Lloyd will be back in town for Sunday, January 21.

SAVE THE DATE: Upcoming liturgical dates to keep in mind are easy to remember this year, with Ash Wednesday falling on Valentine’s Day (Feb 14) and Easter on April Fools (April 1)!

WORLD DAY OF PRAYER SERVICE AT SUC:  This year Sackville United is hosting the annual ecumenical World Day of Prayer service, with music provided by Jennie.  All are welcome at this afternoon service, which begins at 2pm on Friday, March 2.


1 Samuel 3:1-10, Psalm 139 (p. 861), John 1:43-51


In the Darkness Shines the Splendour, VU 92 Christ Has No Body Now But Yours, MV 171 Jesus, Lover of My Soul, VU 669 Here I Am Lord, VU 509

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