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July 17 – Announcements

Upcoming Dates to Remember

July-August                 Summer Services at SUC                       10am (SUC choir on summer pause) (Upper Sackville United closed for summer pause) (Centering Prayer group on summer pause) (No Sunday School, activities/toys available for children) TODAY                         Food Bank Sunday August 1-6                 Church Office OPEN on Tuesday August 2 (closed Aug 3) August 15-21             Church Office OPEN on Friday August 19 (closed Aug 17)

ANNOUNCEMENTS for July 17, 2016 9th Sunday after Pentecost

We once again welcome Sara Jewell, lay worship leader and author, and thank her for sharing her gifts of word and leadership with us today and throughout the summer.

“LIGHTS OUT”:  Once again, this is a friendly reminder to anyone who is using the church to please double check that all the lights have been turned off before leaving the building – it’s better for the earth and our budget!

FOOD BANK SUNDAY:  Today is Food Bank Sunday for the month.  We are asked to bring our offerings of non-perishable food items to help address the immediate needs of our neighbours and friends, even as we continue to address the larger, underlying issues surrounding long-term food insecurity.  Of particular need this month are: Instant coffee, Jam, Peanut Butter (or Wow Butter), Cheese Whiz, Canned Fruit, Detergent, Cookies, Kraft Dinner, Snack Crackers, Spaghetti Sauce

If you were not able to bring an offering of non-perishable food to church today, perhaps consider adding one or two of these items to your shopping basket this week and support those are vulnerable all around us.

SACKVILLE PASTORAL CHARGE WEBSITE:  Even if you’re not a computer whiz, why not check out our website at – this is the face that we show to most of the world!   Click the “follow” button on the home page to receive new information by email each time there’s a new post.

JENNIE’S SUMMER HOLIDAY:  Jennie will be on holiday from August 3-17 to attend a family wedding in Edmonton.  Because of this, office hours will change for the weeks of August 1-7 and August 15-21, and the office will likely be closed for the week of August 8-14 (details TBA).  Arrangements for musical supply for August 7, and August 14 are being made, and information on modified office hours will be clearly posted on the church website and in the announcements.  Jennie will be able to check email occasionally while away in case of emergency.

SUMMER PULPIT SUPPLY AND PASTORAL CARE:  The following is the schedule for pulpit supply:

July 24th – Gary MacDonald

July 31st – Rev Eric Tusz-King

Aug. 7th-21st & Sept 4th Sara Jewell – Lay Worship Leader

Aug. 28th – Jennie Del Motte

For any pastoral care needs in August please contact Rev Jean Ward – 902-694-4372. Her number will be available at the church office, on our answering machine and at the local funeral homes. For the month July while Rev Ward is on vacation Rev Janice MacLean will be available for emergency pastoral care. Please contact her in the month of July if needed at 506-536-4180.

“The place God calls you to is the place where your deep gladness and the world’s deep hunger meet.”
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