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June 11 – Announcements

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Mondays       Centering Prayer Group                                             9:30am Wednesdays   Coffee and Conversation with Open Sky            ON PAUSE Thursdays    Parents & Tots (at St. Andrews Presbyterian)     ON PAUSE 1st Thursday   Project Linus at Main St Baptist                            1pm June 23          Sunday School End of Year Sleepover                    TBA June 25          Final Upper Sackville Service Before Pause         9am July 2-Sept 3   Summer Services for SPC at SUC                          10am

Love You Are Here

ANNOUNCEMENTS for June 11, 2017- 1st Sunday After Pentecost

SUNDAY SCHOOL SLEEPOVER:  We had so much fun with our sleepover last year that we’re doing it again!  Children ages 5 and up are invited to join us on Friday, June 23, for an evening of fun and games, stay overnight and enjoy pancakes in the morning!  Anyone interested is invited to sign up on the sheet on the Discernment Board or speak to Lindsay or Sara for more information. We are also looking for an adult volunteer for overnight and a few extra hands interested in helping out with cooking in the evening and/or morning.

FOOD BANK SUNDAY: Sunday, June 18 is Food Bank Sunday for the month.  We are invited to bring our offerings of non-perishable food items or consider a monetary contribution to the food bank to help meet the immediate needs of our neighbours and friends, even as we continue to address the underlying injustices that lead to long-term food insecurity.  Of particular need this month are:  cereals, beans, cans of fruit, evaporated milk, instant coffee, flour, white sugar, cake mixes, ketchup, mustard, crackers (ritz, triscuits, etc.)

GETTING IN TOUCH WITH REV.  LLOYD: Looking to get in touch with Lloyd?  He can be reached at or by calling (506) 940-1151.  As of the end of this month, the second line for the office (536-3915) will be discontinued.

UPDATE ON OUR “WINDOW OF OPPORTUNITY”:  To date, we have raised approximately $2700 towards the cost of repainting and repairing our windows.  The estimate we were given was $4220 – we thank those who have contributed to this project, and encourage everyone to consider making a contribution, however small, to this fundraiser.  Thank you!

SUC EXECUTIVE LOOKING TO FILL ONE MORE POSITION:  The SUC Executive is seeking to fill the fourth available elder position.  Anyone who is interested can speak to a member of the Executive.

CENTERING PRAYER:  Centering prayer group meets every Monday; all are welcome to join for one half hour of prayer together.

Update on Extreme Hunger Appeal: Thank you to those of you who have already contributed to this important special appeal for families in South Sudan, as well as other parts of Africa and the Middle East. The Canadian government will now match funds designated for famine relief made between March 17 and June 30.  Contributions marked “Extreme Hunger Appeal” can be left as part of your regular offering.  For further information or to make an online donation, visit here.

Summer Reading and Reflection 3 Books in 3 Months

The summer reading group, Three Months, Three Books, Three Indigenous Writers is a go!  Please start your reading and plan to gather on June 29 to discuss, The Inconvenient Indian, by Thomas King. (reading lists are available at  the bulletin board. If you are planning to attend, please either sign up or email

An opportunity to explore three Indigenous writers. One book per month. Join in for one, two or all three.

  1. The Inconvenient Indian: a Curious Account of Native People in North America: by Thomas King The Toronto Star writes: “Every Canadian should read Thomas King’s new book… It’s funny, it’s readable, and it makes you think. If you have any kind of a social conscience, The Inconvenient Indian will also make you angry.”

June 29    The Inconvenient Indian.

  1. Medicine Walk: Richard Wagamese. A novel filled with insight and compassion in which a son is called to visit his estranged father.

July 27 Medicine Walk.

  1. The Break: Katherena Vermette. The Break is a story of a young Metis mother who looks out her window and sees someone in trouble on the Break. Madeleine Thein, writes: “ The lives of the girls and women in The Break are not easy, but their voices-complex, urgent, and unsparing- lay bare what it means to survive, not only once but multiple times, against the forces of private and national histories.

August 31 to reflect upon The Break

Each gathering will be held at 618 Route 935, Wood Point at 10:00-11:30.(Each of these books has mature content and profanity. Reader discretion is advised!)


2 Corinthians 13:11-13 Matthew 28:16-20


Praise the Lord with the Sound of Trumpet, VU 245 Amazing Grace, VU 266 Bring Many Names, VU 268 Offertory Response: What Can I Do? MV 191 Be Still My Soul, VU 652

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