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June 12 – Announcements

Upcoming Dates to Remember

Mondays      Centering Prayer gathering, SUC    9:30 – 10am TODAY          Rev. Laura Hunter                              9am & 11am June 19, 26   Rev. Robyn Brown-Hewitt              9am & 11am June 26          Sunday School Closing (details TBA) July-Aug       Summer Services at SUC                          10am (SUC choir on summer pause) (Upper Sackville on summer pause) (Sunday School on summer pause)

ANNOUNCEMENTS for June 12, 2016 4th Sunday after Pentecost

Today we welcome Rev. Laura Hunter, who is leading us in worship.  Many thanks to Laura for sharing her gifts with us this morning.

SUMMER PULPIT SUPPLY AND PASTORAL CARE:  Arrangements have been made for pulpit supply and pastoral care for the time between Catherine’s last day with us and when we are ready to enter into a new pastoral relationship. We are fortunate to have a variety of willing and gifted worship leaders and ministers within our community. The following is the schedule for pulpit supply:

June 12th – Rev Laura Hunter June 19th & 26th – Rev Robyn Brown-Hewitt July 3rd-17th, Aug. 7th-21st & Sept 4th Sara Jewell – Lay Worship Leader July 24th – Gary MacDonald July 31st – Rev Eric Tusz-King Aug. 28th – Jennie Del Motte

For any emergency pastoral care needs please contact – Rev Jean Ward – 902-694-4372. Her number will be available at the church office, on our answering machine and at the local funeral homes. For the month July while Rev Ward is on vacation Rev Janice MacLean will be available for pastoral care. Please contact her in the month of July if needed at 506-536-4180.

SACKVILLE PASTORAL CHARGE WEBSITE:  Please visit our website:  When you’re there, if you click the “follow” button on the home page, you will receive new information by email each time there’s a new post.

EMAIL UPDATES FROM SUC & SPC:  If you are not on our email list and would like to be included in our weekly “What’s On at SPC” email and other occasional updates, please speak to Jennie or contact the church office at any point with your name and email.

PARENTS & TOTS GROUP: Parents & Tots Group is pausing for the summer, and will resume on Thursday mornings in the fall.

SLEEPOVER: A sleep over for the children of the congregation will be held on Friday, June 24th beginning at 6:30pm at Sackville United. We will have a fun night of playing at the park, games, crafts, campfire songs with treats, and breakfast in the morning. Parents are asked to pick up the children at 9am on Saturday. All children are welcome to attend and participate. If children under 5 would like to stay overnight, they are asked to have a parent stay overnight with them. Children are asked to bring a sleeping bag, pillow, a stuffy, and a toothbrush. We are looking forward to celebrating the end of the year with the children. Parents of children wishing to attend are asked to send Mora an e-mail at indicating their child’s interest in attending.

Financial Update (for SUC)

The Executive receives monthly financial updates from the Finance & Investment Committee. We appreciate the attention they give in monitoring our progress during the year. Though our expenses are right on target as we anticipated in our 2016 budget, we notice that our revenue is not quite there. We are not alarmed at the figures but want to encourage us all to review our givings and to think creatively about fundraisers that we might initiate.

With regard to weekly givings PAR (pre-authorized remittance) is a helpful way to keep your givings at a steady level and provide the church with regular income (especially important in summer months when attendance may be less regular). PAR is easily arranged through the church office and can be changed at any time.

For those who contribute through weekly envelopes, please, consider making your contributions before you may be away.

Having fundraisers during the summer is not usually a wise idea, but coming up with ideas over the summer and planning a fall fundraiser are great ideas.  If you are interested, please, put your name on the Discernment Board, and form a small group to plan such an initiative.

The Executive appreciates that we each support the ministry and ministries of our church in so many ways, financial support being just one.  Thank you for the many contributors who give financial support and those who give in so many other ways to the activities and ministries of our congregation.

We will continue to keep you informed on the progress of our financial ministry. ~ Marilyn Burrell for the Executive

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