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June 5 announcements

We hope that you are well. If you are in need - physically, spiritually, or otherwise - don't hesitate to reach out to us by phone (506-940-1151) or email ( We are here for you and for each other!

Pentecost Sunday school Celebration and Outdoor BBQ: Join us this Sunday as we share in gratitude and celebration with our Sunday School as part of our regular worship, and following the service we will have an outdoor BBQ! You do not need to have preordered your food in order to attend - we will have burgers and sausages in both meat and veggie options. You are invited to wear YELLOW, ORANGE, or RED to the service as we make a living Pentecost flame!

Sunday Worship: Our Sunday services are at 11am both in-person or online via our SUC Facebook Page. Mask-wearing and accommodation for those who wish to remain distanced will continue until otherwise stated. For those not on FB but wishing to watch online, a link to the video of the service will be posted on the church website in the days immediately following the service. Summer services will be

Scripture Readers Needed for Summer Services: Would you be interested in reading on Sunday Morning? You may sign up on the list on the Circles of Service Board or by calling the Church office. For convivence sake the season/theme of each Sunday is listed along with all of the texts for that Sunday according to the Revised Common Lectionary on the Sign-Up Sheet. On Thursday afternoon the Church Office will communicate with you and provide you with the specific text(s) you will be asked to read, including the possibility of a selection of modern wisdom in the form of a quote from a current text. The Worship and Sanctuary Committee thanks you for sharing in this ministry.

Office Hours:The office will be open to the public on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 12-4:30pm until June 26. Beginning June 27, the office will be open one afternoon a week (TBA, likely Thursday) from 12-3pm. In case of any changes to regular office hours due to illness or other circumstances, a notice will be posted on the church FB page and, when possible, on the front doors as well. Drew Volunteer Drivers Needed: Can you spare an hour or two a week? Especially during July, August, and September? The Drew Nursing Home Meals for Seniors Program is looking for a volunteer driver for Fridays at 11:15am for an hour of your time. This program ensures that seniors get a healthy hot meal give days a week. This will truly warm your heart to see the enjoyment on their faces and to have a little chat about their day. If interested please call Donna Lowerison, Food Service Manager at the Drew at 364-4909. Drivers are required to provide a criminal record check. Tatamagouche Centre Upcoming Programs: Consider participating in some of these upcoming events:

  • June 3: AGM Online

  • June 27-9: Soulful Aging - A Circle of Trust Retreat Onsite

  • August 4-6: Peace & Friendship Longhouse Build & Teachings Onsite

  • August 27: Farm to Table - a Delightful Feast with Musical Entertainment

New from Broadview: Check out some of the latest articles available through Broadview online. Annual print subscriptions are only $25/year and are renewed in November through the church office.

SUC Executive Minutes Online: For anyone wishing to keep "in the know" about the topics and motions being discussed by our Sackville United Church executive, PDFs of minutes from previous meetings are available on the church website. The area is password protected; the password is the same one that gives access to the Lenten resources, and has been emailed to the SUC mailing list. Please contact the church office if you would like to view the minutes and do not have the password. The minutes for the March 2022 SUC Executive meeting are now online.

Sunday Seekers Book Circle: The seekers book circle is always reading something that sparks thought and conversation! If you are interested in becoming part of this online group that meets (typically on Sundays before 11am worship, typically pausing during the summer months) to read and discuss books and creative expressions of faith, please contact Catherine Gaw at

Church Envelopes and PAR: Offering envelopes and PAR signup forms are available in the church office for anyone interested. Offering envelopes from previous years can continue to be used, but please write your name on the envelope if it is more than 3 years old.

What's Coming Up

  • Regular Sunday worship at 11am Sundays both in-person or online via the church FB page

  • Pentecost BBQ following the service this Sunday, June 5!

  • Coffee Hour with Open Sky Wednesdays at 10am - all are welcome

  • Summer Services begin on Sunday, June 26 (10am)

  • Summer Office Hours (TBA 12-3pm one day a week) begins June 26

Watch recordings of previous services: May 8 Service May 15 Service May 22 Service

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