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Leaf vs Habs Final M&S Showdown

It’s game seven tonight, folks, and the series is tied at 3-3. Who will triumph?

Rev. Lloyd, a staunch Leafs supporter, and Jennie, who married an equally fanatic Habs fan, will be watching the game tonight starting at 8pm.

And to make the pot a little sweeter, not only does the loser have to pick the hymns for this Sunday’s service, they also have to donate $20 per number of goals over by the winning team to M&S!

So a 3-2 win for the Leafs would mean Jennie has to cough up $20 bucks for that team that never actually seems to win anything, while 4-1 for the Habs would mean that Rev. Lloyd would have the privilege of contributing $60 to Mission & Service in the name of the glorious Canadiens! (can you tell which one of us is writing this?)

So come join us, either online or in person at Ducky’s (distanced and with your bubble, of course) and support M&S with a little friendly “rivalry”!

Donations to M&S can be made via the “Donate” button on our FB page, through e-transfer to the church at, or by throwing cash at Jennie in frustration or celebration (depending on your team of choice) each time the Habs triumph over those guys in blue.

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